Temple of Light Academy

Temple of Light Academy Founder Reverend Linda “Grace” Kingsbury says “One day as I was teaching an Energy Healing class, I felt a strong beam of Light enter the back of my neck. I kept hearing the words Temple of Light. The Energy Work that I share with clients and students is based on surrendering our limited conditioning and reclaiming our power as co-creators in manifesting the life our Soul desires. “

Temple of Light has been registered with the state of Idaho as a Religious organization since 1997. Temple of Light is primarily an Energy Medicine and Multicultural Interfaith Spiritual education organization now with Clairvoyant Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and Ministry Ordination Programs. We have offered Sunday celebrations, community drumming circles, new moon women’s circles, and seasonal gatherings in the past.

The Clairvoyant Practitioner Program is a popular personal growth and professional training that offers participants life changing psychic self care, aura and chakra balancing, and psychic reading experiential education. These Psychic Healing and Clairvoyant Skills are based primarily on Berkeley Psychic Institute methods and other time-tested Energy Medicine techniques.

Temple of Light is the organization founded by Reverend Linda “Grace” Kingsbury PhD that you can be ordained under if you wish to officiate wedding ceremonies, spiritual guidance, and hands on healing. For more about the Temple of Light Ministry Ordination Program click here

Reiki Practitioner Training are available in the following areas:

Usui Reiki I Training

Usui Reiki I & II Practitioner Training

Usui Reiki ART & Master Training

Animal Reiki Practitioner

Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Master teacher

Reiki Drumming Classes

Grace Kingsbury was ordained as a Minister from the Church of Inner Light in Portland Oregon in 1988 after completing their Clairvoyant Program. In 1996 she brought the teachings to Moscow Idaho and established Temple of Light Idaho shortly after.

Growing up in rural New England with grandparents at both the Atlantic ocean and woods of New Hampshire she learned to love being amidst the magic and mystery of nature. When she was 20 she moved to Southern California and began studying yoga and meditation. As a Spiritual Seeker she learned from many of the Spiritual Healing & Human Potential Masters. Her hobbies of swimming in the open oceans with wild dolphin and ecstatic dance supports my journey of exploring multidimensional living in a grounded and conscious way.