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Clairvoyant Readings

A Life Path Clarification Reading can validate your intuition and allow you to receive support for important life decisions. Feel confident and clarity for your next step. Sessions can include Cards of Destiny and Herbal Tarot cards blending with over 30 years experience of Dr. Linda using her Clairvoyant skills in personalized long distance and in-person accurate readings. Aura and Chakra readings are also available and often involve releasing blocks so you can access your own Life Force energy.

Long distance sessions are held via skype or facetime. Pictures of the cards and session notes will be sent digitally.

Call/text or email to schedule an in person or long distance sessions.

Psychic & Spiritual Healing Sessions

Psychic self care is important for Holistic Living. When your emotional, mental and spiritual selves get overloaded, it can condense into physical distress. Be proactive by giving yourself the experience of a clear aura and balanced chakras. As a Clairvoyant Practitioner, I can tune into your energy field to guide us in what needs to happen next for restoring Spiritual Radiance. Sometimes a session involves clearing other peoples energy out of your space including entities, deceased loved ones, or past traumatic memories. I access the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth as well as your personal Guides and Angels to guide the work. Each session is customized with Aura and Chakra Balancing,  Usui and Karuna Reiki, Conscious Energy Breathing, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystals, and other holistic ways woven to enhance your well-being now. Reiki for companion animals too!

Check out the Aura and Chakra classes for Psychic Self Care beginning this Summer and Fall.


Herbal Nutrition Consultations

Bringing you more than 30 years experience in the Natural Health field, and a Phd in Holistic Nutrition, Dr. Linda provides personalized care and quality herbal products specifically prepared for you. She brings her joyful connection to the the earth to share her Herbal Wisdom with you to create customized Herbal Products and Healthy Garden Plans for you and your family, including for your precious animal companions.