Dolphin Bliss Gem Elixir Blend




The gold gem elixirs helps to solidify this frequency in the cells and the aura. The Herkimer diamond gem elixir helps to integrate the many facets of living on the earth in human form.

Since this formula is a gift from the prehistoric rough toothed dolphins I believe that it also helps us to reconnect to brain pathways that may have been dormant but are now needed to maintain our ability to live on this planet with our multidimensional senses open. The Aloe flower essence strengthens our life force and gives us the stamina to move forward. It also helps you to receive assistance and support from others. This helps you to create your own form of dolphin community.

The elixir contains: Gold gem Elixir, herkimer diamond gem elixir, aloe flower essence, dill flower essence, rosemary tincture, plus the vibration of my ecstasy gained from being in the water surrounded by the frequency of the rough toothed dolphins and their sonar, clicks, and whistles.

.5 fluid oz in cobalt blue bottle with  dropper dispenser

Click here for the full story of how the dolphins inspired this elixir at Dolphin Light Products blog


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