Herbal Consultations

It brings me joy to share my 30+ years of being in the Natural Health field with you.

Fees begin at $45.00 for 15 minutes, $85.00 for 1/2 hour and $150.00 for an hour, $225 1.5 hours, $295 2 hours.

Herbal Health Consultations

With all the herbal products and supplements available in today’s market, sometimes you want herbal support that is customized specifically for your personal health situation. Especially when there is complexity to health issues that are hard to assess or treat by allopathic medicine, it is important to view them from a holistic perspective of how your thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle choices affect you health. In an Herbal Health consultation I combine medical intuition with my herbal wisdom when customizing your herbal products for you, your pet, or family members. I also incorporate kinesiology muscle testing when needed.

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The cost of any herbal products is in addition to the consultation fees.

Please email drlinda@spiritherbs.com, call or text 208-883-9933 to coordinate schedules with appointment time options.

Pricing begins at $45.00 for 15 minutes, $85.00 for 1/2 hour, $150.00 per hour, $225 1.5 or $295 2 hours.
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