Classes, Events, and Retreats with Dr. Kingsbury

Temple of Light Academy

In 1996 I was teaching an Energy Medicine Class in my office in downtown Moscow, Idaho when a beam of light entered diagonally into the back of my neck, often called the mouth of God point. At the same time I heard the words Temple of Light. Later I did an online search for Temple of Light and found several other Energy Medicine Healing and Education Centers around the world with these same name. Sensing that I tapped into the highest stream of Universal Consciousness and aligning with my message of seeing our body as a temple of light for our Soul, I decided to take the clairaudient and clairsentient clues and invite Temple of Light Academy as the umbrella name of my school.


Energy Medicine Classes

Learn to activate and radiate your natural abilities to share calming life force healing energy with yourself, your family, your pets, the community and the world.

Classes Topics Include:

  • Aura Awareness
  • Chakra Awareness
  • Psychic Healing I-IV
  • Clairvoyant Reading 1-IV
  • Healing With Crystals
  • Purification with the Elements
  • Shamanic Drumming Journeys
  • Sound Bath Experience
  • Reiki drumming

Energy Medicine Certification Programs

Learn practical life-long skills in these experiential learning trainings.

Art from the Heart Classes

Activating your creativity in alignment with the flow of your Soul.

  • Hoop Drum Making
  • Talking Stick
  • Mask Making
  • Fairy Homes
  • Soul Collage

Herbal Wisdom Classes

Sharing my love of the plant kingdom.

Class Topics Include:

  • Edible and Medicinal local plant walk
  • Planning your Medicinal herb garden
  • Herbs for Spiritual Well-being
  • Wise Women’s Herbs
  • Staying Healthy with the Seasons
  • Kitchen Herbs for Your Immune System
  • Herbs and Foods for Spring Cleansing
  • Fairy Garden Planning
  • Flower Power (flower essences and edible flowers)


Melt away limitations and Join me in enjoying the warm waters of the world.

Animal Usui Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification on the Big Island of Hawaii

Japanese Usui Reiki Master Practitioner Certification on the Big Island of Hawaii 

Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Master Training 

Dolphin Light Adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii (Wild Dolphin Swims, Volcano hike, and much more listening to the pulse of your heart in paradise).

Rejuvenation Retreat in Maui (Snorkeling, Turtles, Whale watch, and much more walking on open sandy beaches, relaxing in tropical locations)