Clairvoyant Practitioner Certificate Program

Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body


About the 2016-2017 Clairvoyant Practitioner Certificate Program:

The Temple of Light Clairvoyant Practitioner Certificate program is a mind-body awareness and natural healing professional training. This is an apprenticeship-styled program based on Berkeley Psychic Institute Techniques, where you will learn structured intuition development techniques and an integration of multicultural interfaith spiritual healing skills.

We are all born naturally emphatic. As time goes on depending on the support around us and what our experiences are, we usually flow into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Some people shut down due to trauma and other limiting events in their life. They often have to use drugs, alcohol, overeating, spending, sex, watching tv, gambling, or other numbing behaviors to cope with the life they have unconsciously created. They may or may not wake up and realize the life they are living is not the life they want. If this sounds like you, this program can wake you up and get you back in touch with your own personal rhythm and path to establish your Divine Presence and accomplish your Divine Purpose on earth. You do have the power to create a life of peace, prosperity, brilliance, confidently sharing your gifts, and well-being.
  2. Others in response to having their natural rhythm distorted can be hypervigiliant where they regularly send their awareness away from their own body into other people’s energy field. This is a way of self-protection, to assess in advance where other people are at, in a way to avoid fear and pain. This behavioral can cause one feel in control and that they are special with unique powers. But the ego can take over and untrained, this behavior can be a type of psychic intrusion which builds tension in your own and other people’s energy.  This can also to picking up other people’s emotional and physical pain thus  contributing to your own ill-health and lack of integrity in your life. In this program, you can learn to channel your psychic abilities into respect viewing and healing with practice. In this program we learn to be respectful Psychics, knowing when to set healthy boundaries for ourselves. You will also learn various methods of clearing your energy body everyday. This allows relaxation in the spirit of harmony and experiencing the highest form of Spiritual Oneness in the light. This program is excellent for getting in touch with your natural gifts and learning how to focus them for self-awareness and bringing healing states to other people and animals.
  3. With the evolution of the planet and its people, many kids have been coming in for the last few years with their gifts intact, born into evolved families that support their natural talents. If you are one of these people, in this program you will find the structure to support your nature gifts to enhance you becoming a leader in your field. You will also meet like-minded peers.

Through this life changing process you learn to cultivate a clear mind, calm body, and open heart. Self-acceptance and honoring the cycles of your life improves your “clear seeing” and ability to connect to and trust your inner wisdom. As a form of preventative medicine, when you learn to take action on the connections between what you think, how you feel, and your Soul yearnings, you can improve your health and the quality of your life in the present moment.

Classes are held 1 weekend a month for 10 months in a convenient Moscow Idaho location. We create a supportive environment to facilitate both personal and professional growth. Expressive arts, movement, meditation, energy breathing, group processing, and purposeful action keep the training fun and body-centered.

Certificate Program topics include:

These 3 classes are open to the public without committing to entire the Professional Clairvoyant Practitioner Certificate program.

LEVEL I – Psychic Self-Care

Aura Awareness Psychic self-care is the foundation for psychic healing and clairvoyant development. Learn to set healthy boundaries, be neutral, grounded and centered for empowered. Explore your subtle energy field.

Spiritual Purification with the Elements your experience with Spiritual Purification with Air, Earth, Water, Fire. Learn to clear your energy body and create your body as a temple of light for your Divinity to shine through.

Chakra Awareness – Exploring how our mind, body, emotions, and spirit relate to our chakra anatomy. Herbs, crystals, purposeful action, meditation, conscious breathing, and movement for the chakras.

The following classes are advanced and require a commitment to 6 more months of Professional Psychic Healing and Clairvoyant Practitioner certificate program:

LEVEL II – Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing I Receiving healing guides, Aura and chakra clearing and balancing, Divination systems

Psychic Healing II Polarity, Pendulum balancing, Gem Therapy

Psychic Healing III Psychic surgery, Soul retrieval, Sound Healing

LEVEL II Clairvoyant Skills

Clairvoyant Consultant I Opening clairvoyant channels, Aura readings, divination systems

Clairvoyant Consultant II Relationship readings, chakra readings, responsibility, Spirit Guides

Clairvoyant Consultant III Akashic record readings, past life readings, clairaudience.

Graduation Retreat Vision quest, presentation of projects, graduation ceremony at wilderness location.

Professional Clairvoyant Practitioner Program Costs: $3,500.

This personal investment class fees includes the experiential weekends, training manuals, 5 Friday nights Healing Clinic supervision. Monthly payment plans are available. Paypal, debit, credit cards accepted.

10 hours of the 22 hours of Internship requirements can be met by practicing healing and reading skills for the public through free Mind-Body Awareness Healing Clinics for 1 Friday night for the 5 months on the night before the advanced weekend intensive.

Travel, Lodging, and meal expenses for the weekend classes and are in addition to the training program fees.

Call/text Linda at 208-883-9933 for more information and to apply.

Optional Drum-making: $200.

What Graduates say:

“I know the training’s I have received from you have helped build a sound, solid and yet malleable foundation for my next steps. I appreciated how much I’ve grown in understanding and compassion through your teachings.”

“No amount of words can express the gratitude and joy that I have for the gift of your teachings. I cannot thank you enough for allowing yourself to be a vessel of light and love. That vessel was used to help show me I could make the choice to live.”

“I am now a firm believer in the adage When the student is ready a teacher appears. We are all so grateful you chose to be our teacher. I know I have much more to learn and I am really looking forward to it.”

“I think of you as a precious jewel who has come into my life to share her wisdom of healing, nutrition, Divine God, Universe and powerful light. Your knowledge is very true and so refreshing.”