Harmonizing your Emotions with Color

Harmonizing your emotions with color and awareness is a way to raise your vibrational frequency. Instead of the old pattern of resisting emotions or unconsciously splattering them onto other people, take responsibility for using the messages from your emotions as information. When you do not have the time or desire anymore to deeply process your emotional baggage, simply harmonize them with this simple Taoist technique.

Clear negative energy and transform it into positive healthy energy. We are not trying to get rid of the emotion, just restoring flow to the associated body organ for rebalancing. You can place your hands over that part of the body to support your process.

Breath in this color To this organ To harmonize this emotion To allow this emotion to flow
Red Heart Anxiety Joy
Small Intestine Arrogance Compassion
White Lungs Grief Inspiration
Large Intestine Sorrow Accepting Change
Yellow Spleen/Pancreas Separateness Belonging
Stomach Worry Allowing
Blue Kidneys Fear Trust
Bladder Agitation Gentleness
Green Liver Anger Kindness
Gallbladder Resentment Forgiveness


Let Each Step Inform the Next

As we navigate the potential of these days through conscious living, we are often guided to move forward without knowing where we will land. Doubt can immobilize us when we cannot see the whole picture. It is easy then to step off the path of the new and ease back into the old comfortable ways that bring less than lasting fulfillment. This is a time when we are asked to move beyond believing into knowing that there is something bigger than our thoughts or emotions to Guide our life’s journey. Have fun exploring how you are moved to use this potent planetary time when the Galaxy is supporting our ascension into heart centered living, joy, and playful connections with our human tribe.

Below is an excerpt from my Hawaiian Journals during a trip to the Big Island in 2013. The theme is still relevant today.

After my morning dolphin swim, I felt inspired to travel to the lava petroglyphs I had read about. Between the Waikoloa shopping center parking lot and the Malama trail, I read several signs warning about the heat along the trail and the importance of wearing sturdy shoes. At first I was concerned and almost deterred since all I had was my Crocs flip-flops.

My next strategy was to gather more information by asking other people about the ease of the trail. The people I saw in the parking lot were going shopping and did not even know about the nearby natural wonder. How many times do we talk to other people about what is important to us and they look at us like we are from another planet? I re-centered, checked in with my Spirit Guides, and decided to go ahead anyways.

At first I was struck by the scorching heat waves rising off the black rocks. I wanted to walk quickly to get out of this inferno pressed between black lava rocks and the intense tropical island’s afternoon winds. Then I was stirred by the ancestral wisdom imprinted in the grooves of etched lava rock carvings and felt the heat slowing me down. My friend was taking photos which also supported the pace.

A message rose clear and distinct in the penetrating heat as if it was being baked and pressed into shapes of English language letters by the breath of Pele. Words spoken to me rhythmically through the form of an elder Hawaiian Kahuna wearing his white tapas robe and good luck Ti leaves headdress. Steadied by his walking stick, as if it alone was holding him there. As I sat resting in the field of Malama petroglyphs, he stood behind me pausing in the deafening heat to be sure that I heard the words clearly enough to take action on them. “Let each step inform the next,” he spoke softly. This became my mantra as I walked forward contemplatively upon the sacred ground.

Perhaps those same words were drummed deep into the volcanic rocks by the hooves of earlier horses and mules who toted humans and cargo along this portion of the thirty two miles of Kings Trail. History says that those who rode the trail often slept, since the ledges of rocks on either side of the grooved trail provided discipline for the horse’s feet moving them forward one step at a time. Humans trusting horses, horses trusting humans, for certain letting each step inform the next.

This section of the trail between the rising volcano to the east and the cool crisp ocean to the west was a gathering and resting spot for generations. Feeling like it was an honor for me to be there, I treated my time as if it were an extended prayer. With reverence I followed the pace of my breath and my body with a compassionate heart. Footsteps rhythmic and consistent like a mantra being sung to keep my mind focused on being open to the power of the present moment.

Upon my last step along the path, I turned and waved goodbye to the Spirit Elder who had joined me for that afternoon’s education. I was thankful in the beginning that I was still enough to listen and hear, thankful in the middle for the experience and the opportunity to be an environmental steward by picking up trash that had blown onto the trail area, and thankful at the end for being sensitive to the wind, and the water, and the sun, and the stones for teaching me and showing me the way.

When you let each step inform the next, synchronicities unfold in unison with your soul path. It is precisely the breathing in of the scents and sounds and sensations of the present moment that carry you forward with the impulse of all creation. May you find peace, poise, and power as you walk along your sacred path letting each step inform the next.

Bimini Adventures in the Lands of Atlantis – A Clairvoyant’s View

This blog includes my account of a Dolphin Retreat in North Bimini Island in 2009. Enjoy!

Seeing the Invisible

Comforting warm water, inspirational messages, innovative images, open communication, compassionate community, deepening connection to my authentic self; these were my experiences on North Bimini Island of the Bahamas Island chain during my visit there in August 2009 while attending a Raw Food Dolphin Retreat. We were lodged at Bimini Bay Resort at the northwest tip of this quiet island. The five-star pastel colored luxury condominiums provided a healing nest. Most days we explored the surreal waters out on a boat with Keefe’s Wild Dolphin Adventures.

In Bimini the veil to the other dimensions was very thin for me and I had consistent downloading of geometric shapes, eyes of various sorts, messages from Water spirits, spinning columns of energy, and Temple of Light Priestesses permeating my conscious mind. Many of the transmissions happened while on the boat on the way out to the dolphin grounds and upon the return to the dock at sunset. At the time of the transmissions, I was simply an open channel witnessing what The Light Beings and Ascended Masters wanted to share.

Surrendering to the water

Since childhood, the ocean has been my second home. My Grandma taught me to swim in the Atlantic ocean when I was three years old. Though I did not understand her hold-by-the-back-of the-bathing-suit-then-release method of swim or sink, many mouthfuls of salty seawater later, I did learn to be at home in the ocean.

There were a group of women from the retreat already in the water when I arrived at the white sandy shore. I listened for the invitation from the ocean to partake, then I entered, each step supported by soft sand and purifying waters. I summoned the ladies to join in a circle song chant: “I am a woman of the Ocean… I am a daughter of the Sea… Woman… Ocean… Sea…” We sang several rounds of the water chant before each of us floated off into our own blissful places freely being in the wonderful Atlantic ocean.

The cerulean blue water was calm and inviting. Into the arms of the beloved Mother Ocean I surrendered as she put me to rest floating in her wonderfully clear warm waters. I took this picture while floating on my back looking out over my toes, one of my favorite activities. The shallow waters with imperceptible current flow made it safe for floating peacefully. This is definitely a place of healing, comfort, and nurturing that encourages self-acceptance and blessing.

Always in motion is the Future

Yoda said “Always in motion is the future” (Star Wars was my son’s favorite movie series growing up). On Bimini there was a sense of always being in motion. Whether it was from being on the boat for several hours or if the island was actually moving, I cannot say for sure, perhaps a combination of both.

Each day when I returned from the boat to the stability of the land and my king-sized bed set on hard tile floor, for hours into the night and even the next day especially when being still to rest or meditate, I felt a gentle rocking sensation. Often a lateral side to side movement as if my spine was being gentle massaged, a realigning and calming stimulation of my nervous system, assisting my body in downloading. Perhaps there is a Light Being who knows Trager work which involves gently rocking the body to support healing.

At other times there was a sense of being rocked in more of a head to toe, front to back motion, like I was in a rocking chair. Sometimes the sensations grew to a rolling motion as if I was tumbling. One sensation felt like rising to the top of a roller coaster then holding at the top, poised ready but not moving forward for the ride forward into the unknown, but rocking back into the known. Certainly metaphors for where I was in my own journey. (more here about my health crisis if not already mentioned.)

I experienced various sensations of cranial pressure mostly in my left temporal area as my mind expanded, releasing what I no longer needed to hold on to. My time here was a process of being open to my unlimited potential, continually surrendering to the Divine. The Guides gently nudged me along that week at my own pace, so that when I arrived back in the Northwest, I was truly a new person filled with inspiration, light, and energy for the next step of my journey. I even left the cane that helped me walk.

Sacred Eyes Everywhere

The first day out on the water I began seeing big eyes watching me from the other dimensions. At first they reminded me of whale eyes. The whales are the ancient ones, the storytellers, those who hold the memories of that which has gone before us. They are the Sequoia trees of the water.

The next day the inviting eyes of the dolphins were there. They held a deep steady gaze that was loving, warm, and inclusive silently watching me as if the sky only held this eye of the Divine watching me.

By the third day, the eyes had eyelashes on them. This was the day before snorkeling at the 3 sisters rocks and along the infamous Bimini Road as foreseen by psychic Edgar Cayce. I believe these eyes were an introduction to the Atlantis Priestess lovingly gazing at me. The experience of receiving the eyes of unconditional love created a deeper peace within me. Horses and dolphins even dogs and cats can provide that gaze of unconditional acceptance that is so healing to people who have experienced feelings of abandonment and a disconnection to modern society.

Inter-dimensional dolphins

The dolphins revealed themselves to me from the other dimensions. They were swimming and jumping and playing in the waters. They told me they could not make it to us physically but they were still with us.

Once you are touched by the sounds and sensation of dolphins they will appear to you holographically and interdimensionally through time and space whenever you need them. This unconditional support is always available as a joyful loving and playful presence. Other people notice my dolphin-like laugh and I know I am ready for some light-hearted times when it emerges.

Columns of Lights

It didn’t take long being on the boat and heading in a northern direction from the island that I noticed a difference in the vibration above the water. I began sensing long cone-like columns of energy that were open at the top and narrower at the bottom where they touched to water. They were made of a woven matrix web-like matter. There was a sense of energy going in the top like a tunnel or vortex. Their vibration felt alive and active. I felt this as a portal of information and inter-dimensional communication.

I was curious about this phenomenon and when I returned to the mainland, I did some research in my library. I was drawn to my copy of The Book of Knowledge The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak which has intrigued me with its visual interpretations of energy and multidimensional reality since the Harmonic Convergence in 1985. Pillars of Light are explained in its glossary as “An infinite arrangement of Light emissions which produce a given wavelength for projection…The light itself is a living consciousness controlled by divine thought forms which can neutralize destructive channels…it can also materialize levels of superior intelligences.” Is this what I experienced?  

Seeing The Invisible

Each day riding back on the boat there was a downloading of sacred geometrical patterns that were coming into my energy field mostly through my crown chakra. I felt like I was in a trance state, bobbing blissfully along to the motion of the ocean. When I closed my eyes I was saturated with visual cues. These downloads into my biocomputer and consciousness let me know that I truly had a naturally high mystical adventure. The general Energy was about innovation, ingenuity, movement, expansion. It all felt positive. I was tuning into a Quantum level of unlimited spaces and collective consciousness.

Some of the images reminded me of Leonardo DaVinci’s mechanical drawings. Others were like being inside the body viewing the microcosm of creation, the DNA, atomic wheels, fibers of creation, blueprints of manifestation…Was I tuning into the advanced electromagnetic machines and technologies that Edgar Cayce saw there? Was I seeing the patterns of sound waves? Being in Bimini was a mind blowing and humbling experience. Did I tune into an ascension path? Was I sensing something from the past or the future? Did I come upon portals between galaxies?

Though this might sound like and acid trip or other drug induced state, all of this was happening from a place of pure consciousness without chemical influence of plant or manufactured mind altering substances. I believe that the six weeks of raw food diet that led me to be a pristine channel as well as over 20 years at that time of practicing as a Clairvoyant reader, healer, and teacher.

Here is a list of some of (the sacred geometry) what I saw:

Wheels made of six circles rotating around and inside one another

Hexagonal Six sided shapes with spirals rotating around the lines at the edges and the spokes

Gears – intersecting, moving, creating

Triangles with lines and dots punctuating the ends.

Other Triangles with spirals rotating around the triangle making intertwining bands like chains of paper decorations linked together

Diamond shapes – connecting triangles

2 sided triangle shapes arranged in a square like shape pointing out.

Horizontal lines alternating directions. The center line was pink and sandwiched between 2 other lines going in the opposite direction

Equilateral crosses made with gems

Straight lines with 2 spiraling energies around it with red, yellow, and blue dots

Geyser like webs of energy rising out from the water up high into the sky. These vortex energies seemed to be drawing energy down in to the water

Tadpole like energies going into the holes or vortexes

Reddish purple color in round balls, bubbles of energy cascading, falling in groups

Black long strips with black dots in them aligning diagonally creating a chevron like pattern

Information Antennas with circular spirals in a figure 8 and lines that were receivers

Petroglyph-like images of Frog, Lady Bug, and Spider were received another day as I was riding in the boat back.

During these downloads did I witness the Ophanim, that J.J., Hurtak talks about in The Keys of Enoch as; The higher angelic minds of light who serve…the universes by governing the heavens through wheels-within-wheels and by transforming spiritual form into categories of multidimensional biological creation.” ? The “Wheels within wheels” are described as “Galactic configuration created by the Higher Evolution to pass one level of creation within another.”

Did I experience the Or “Light that is transmitted from the higher heavens to planetary worlds.” and Or stations “Network centers for the docking of technologically advanced civilizations capable of travel between galaxies and super-galaxies.” ? When I saw drawings in the book that resembled what I saw in Bimini and read the above descriptions I felt elated that others had this experience. It is always reassuring to have validation about our psychic and inter dimensional experiences.

Swimming near the Atlantis stones

Visiting the fabled Bimini Road, that Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce prophesized would be found in the late 1960’s south of Florida, was filled with anticipation. As I entered the warm water and snorkeled above the surface, the energy in the area felt pleasant and neutral. I expected more intensity. My senses were soaking in the delight of satisfaction in the present moment. I swam toward the Atlantis Stone Road, and heard a voice ask “Why are you here?” I answered “To see and learn”. Then I was magnetically pulled to change my course. I simply allowed myself to go where I was intuitively guided.

Through time and space I was transported to an Oceanside village. Under the sea, I saw a women peacefully preparing food with her young daughter kneeling beside her. I was watching this nurturing scene and feeling the comfort that they shared. I sank deeper into my own sensations of joy and bliss and gratitude. Next I was drawn to a Y shape pattern made with small stones. It served as a pathfinder pointing me to follow it. As I swam along, I had the sense that this was all part of something bigger. A few moments later, the Captain called us back to the boat. It was time for the next step of our adventure.

 Ocean Temples

One morning I walked down the path just north of the fence near the condo unit 1186. I paused at the oceans edge, then walked over the soft sand filled rocks into the warm knee deep turquoise water. I surrendered and melted into the water. I was one with the ocean. Floating. Being. Breathing Life in. The water spirits watch over me and bring comfort and peace.

After floating for awhile I feel full. I walk slowly to shallower ankle deep waters then turn and shared my prayer of gratitude. The Water Spirits speak louder and draw me back into to the amniotic fluid, the womb of the ocean. As I float, I am shown how this Bay is a place for women to share comfort and healing with each other. The shallow ocean ledge creates a safe place for giving birth, laying on of hands, and water re-birthing sessions to sooth aching souls.

I could see the healing stations where people and creatures who needed healing would be brought to the water’s edge. Dolphins would come from a distance and appear beside the person floating in the water. The Dolphins would send healing energy to the human entraining “the client” to a new frequency. There is nothing else on the planet like the sensation of being penetrated with the clicks and whistles of the dolphins. Even being in their presence as they silently float by is amazingly uplifting.

Several times I turned to express gratitude for the healing of my mind, body, and spirit, and each time I was magnetically drawn back into the water for more. The ocean has always been a source of healing and rejuvenation for me. For most of my life I lived in a coastal states on both the east and west coasts within a 2 hours drive of the ocean. Since I live in North Idaho USA now, I often travel to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans for my salt water fix. Sometimes a warm bath with sea salt is enough but my Soul yearns for the full immersion in the warm ocean where I am able to move in all directions freely playing in the water.

The wonderfully warm blue water around Bimini is surely what saves many peoples souls. There is a story from local Bahamians about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. writing his “I have a Dream” speech while out on a boat in the peaceful waters of North Bimini during the 1960’s.

New Moon Meditation Bimini

While riding out on the boat to the dolphin grounds north of Bimini in the Atlantic Ocean on the August 2009 New Moon, a healing meditation came to me. The Priestesses of Light led me through the meditation on the boat, then later that night I shared it with a group of our Human Pod. We sat in a circle under the canopy of stars in the sacred grounds near the oceans edge.

After calling in the directions and intentionally connecting to others who were gathered around the world to celebrate the new moon, I began the meditation by having each of us connect to the crystalline core of the earth below, followed by aligning with our celestial star above. The basic points of the meditation were to activate our seven chakras with rainbow colors and create a lotus flower challis over our heart chakra. Once our own Temple of Light was established we extended a rainbow bridge from our heart into our hands up above our head and out into the cosmos transporting all the good feelings and enlightenment from our adventure in Bimini through time and space back to our home. Once the energy was anchored at the other end of the rainbow bridge at each persons place of choice, we followed the rainbow arc as it traveled around the planet strengthening the planetary grid with feelings of harmony, unity, peace, wisdom, connection, and joy. Feeling activated in our aliveness and highest potential we enjoyed this sacred space where the stars meet the water. A part of those who had gone before us and those who will participate in moon ceremonies there in the future.

This meditation can be used anytime that you want to set the stage for optimal experiences by sending high vibration feelings and thoughts in advance. You can also use this rainbow bridge technique to send high vibration feelings to past situations that may need to cleared or uplifted into the light. This meditation can also be a gateway to connect to our joy, peace, and power in the present moment.

For a free audio version of this meditation email me at drlinda@spiritherbs.com until I align with the technology to add it here.

Temple of Light Rising

The morning after sharing the new moon meditation, I was awakened before twilight with a Temple of Light vision. I saw Beings of Light rise horizontally out of the ground, rotate to a vertical position forming a circular temple with pillars of light and shimmering spaces in between the white columns. Next the Temple of Light swirled and lifted away from the earth, and ascended above the water into the sky, traveling away and out of view.

I was in awe watching this unfold, as with most of my journeys amongst the Bimini seas and shores. I was in a witness place to receive the vision without categorizing or labeling it. I am just the messenger.

Dream Reenactment

Later in the morning, after experiencing the vision of the Temple of Light described above, I slept for a while longer then was guided to get up and go outside. After putting on my swim suit, I walked out of my pink Condo into the peachy dawn sky. I was drawn to walk north to the tip of the island where the white sandy beach meets the sea. This is where I sensed ancient Priestess Temple energy.

As I stepped on the ledge of the wall that overlooked the ocean I found myself spontaneously reenacting a dream which I had a couple of years earlier. That morning in Bimini I opened my mouth and the words poured out…“My people I have returned… I am here today to feed you”…then I swept my extended hand in front of me in the air sprinkling invisible colored petals spiraling and floating out of my fingers… as I swept my right hand back and forth sharing these gifts, love and joy spilled from my heart…

I felt elated to connect my actions in the present moment with the dream that I had previously of a world where there were three groups of beings. Those that lived in the water, those who could live in and out of the water, and those who lived up in the high towers on the land. In my dream I was one of the Beings who could go between the worlds of both land and sea. One of my roles was to feed the people. I could hear the crowd waiting for me to arrive at the balcony’s edge and shower them with colored petals of light. They reached into the air and gathered the colorful nectar of life essence filling themselves up until they became giggly and beyond satisfied…Spectral healing received.

Morning Song

As I turned to go back to the day that was ahead, A morning song came to me. This chant filled my head as I walked back in the morning light filled with ecstasy:

We meet in the Round, We dance in the Round, Round-Round-Round

I saw people dancing in circles of spiraling light inside the Temple of Light in the sky.

Day of the Dolphins

Being caressed by the ocean, swaying gently in the boat, I felt relaxed, whole and complete. The sparkle of the sun on the water matched the delightful feeling in my heart. Simply absorbing the sun and enjoying the last day with our people pod. We all seemed happy to be on the water one more time as we traveled out to the dolphin grounds. Sounds of squealing excitement filled the air as dolphins approached our boat.

Nowlda captained the boat for us that morning crating an environment for the dolphins to interact. Instead of the usual Spinner dolphins that like to dive and play, the mellow bottle nose dolphins drifted by in a meditative state. Three of them rose from the group below to greet me as I floated easily above them. The calmness of the dolphins were a message for me about being kind, gentle, and in a place of deep gratitude and self acceptance as I move forward on this path creating my body as a Temple of Light.

Raw Dolphin Pod Bimini August 2009

A special thank you to the Raw Dolphin People Pod of Bimini August 2009 for helping create the space for this humbling and enlightening experience to occur.

Post note: The dolphins and Guides continue to visit me from the other realms. If they are visiting you or you want to share your thoughts about any of this or share your experiences in Bimini please email me. I’d like to hear your story.

Click here for Linda’s Channeled Messages of Light

Channeled Messages of Light

These channeling messages through automatic writing are from Light Beings and Ascended Masters in 2009 but still relevant today.

A note about Channeling from Linda Grace: These Ascended Master “channelings” arrive as automatic writing in the middle of the night. I write down exactly what I hear even if I do not agree or if the words are unlike those I would usually use. I began receiving messages from Angels and Ascended Masters in 1987 when I was attending Psychic Training School in Portland Oregon. Below find messages that I have been receiving since I returned from a trip to the island of North Bimini.

August 26, 2009 Hutchinson Island Florida


You are one of us

You shine

You soar

You sing

Let us help you

Bring your fruit

Forth into the


The density of

Particles gathered

By intention

Cause the

Energy to

Solidify the


Ascended Masters Channeling September 2, 2009

Through Ell*O*Ra*Ha

Ell*O*Ra*Ha is the spiritual name that came to me with my personal signature hand movements that were activated during a workshop with Solara of the 11:11 after spending time at Mt. Shasta during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and alter at Star Gate gatherings. I am honoring that name here since it is that highest aspect of myself that sets aside my personality and ego so that these messages of Light can transmit through me for all of us at this time.

A message from Kumara:

The Legions of Light are here.

We talk to you about your planets change. Do not be fearful of the excitement of your planet as it prepares for change. Do not worry about your circumstances and what brings you to this moment.

Know that you as a Child of Light will be guided until the end to transcend with the Brethren of Light to create the New earth.

Learn what you can from this existence in time to prepare you for the next for what you learn is never lost.

Go for the old doctrines and bring their teachings forth.

You have yet to learn the crux of what you are here to experience during this time.

The challenge is ripe and an expectation for your soul. You have prepared for this millennium for eons. Be at peace dear child as you move forward with the Brethren of Light for you are not alone.

Brethren of Light, Sisters of Light be prepared and do not fear since the day of the Lord is upon you.

Treat others justly and you to will be saved.

Do not fear.

Your expectations will be realized.

Freedom will be easier to find as you put your trust in the Lord.

It was once said that the meek shall inherit the earth. Yes it is those who know how to contact and trust the Lord who will make it through this race in history to the next.


Note from Linda: At 4:44 I was awakened again and wrote:

I am speaking to you from the City of Light in Heaven. Blessing you

Partake in the fruits of your harvest and enjoy the spectacle of light that shows itself to you.

You know that it is safe to see us and experience the reality of transcendence.

The Keys of Enoch will no longer appear as a foreign language but as an understanding for your future.

The time is near but do not fear. You will be free. You will be set free to live and learn and grow as was programmed in your seed of consciousness since time began.

Follow us and you will find the City of Light speaks the truth of this time.

Note from Linda: The dolphins in Costa Rica first welcomed me to their City of Light in 2004.

Do not worry about the water creatures. They will know how to adapt.

Freedom is at hand

Do not rest ceaselessly.

Work is at hand to prepare for the New Earth of Light.

Transcendence of fear and true peace nestled in the heart of the Lord.

It is these earth changes that prepare the fertile ground for the next.

The involution of destruction creates the pathway for the earth’s evolution.

Now you get it. It is all good.

Note from Linda: At 5:00 there was a definite different than third dimensional audible high pitched tone that was not made from anything known and this came through:

We are angels with wings to fly around the Universe in the sky.

The longing for the truth will set you free.

Note from Linda: When I asked who was speaking to me, the Voice said Kumara. I had not heard that name before so looked online and found the following. I am eternally grateful to have this opportunity to share these messages with you for the betterment of all.

Who is Kumara? From a Wikipedia search Note from Linda: As well as Kumara being a city in New Zealand and a type of sweet potato…“According to certain esoteric, mystic and gnostic traditions, Sanat Kumara (eternal youth in Sanskrit) and 144,000 souls from planet Venus came to Earth in her darkest hour to hold the light of God. Notable beings in the 144,000 include Jesus, Gautama Buddha, and Maitreya Buddha. Sanat Kumara is the great guru, saviour of Earth… In the Alice Bailey and Theosophical literature he is called Sanat Kumara or Raudra Chakri – the Buddhist ruler of Shambhala.


Channeled Messages September 6, 2009

We are the ones of the Ancient Ways coming to support you at this time of transformation And change

We help you ride the Waves of freedom and currents of change

We help you be true To your Soul path

We help you reseed the past and walk into the Unknown

We are the Legions of Light here to assist you in these days of change.

Be Free Be Life Be Alive

Awaken to the joy Peace Freedom Light

That is set before you this day

Light everlasting Life Evermore

Now until the end of days

You are free to choose the path of Joy of Light of Love


Channeled Message September 9, 2009

Blessed are those who Honor the Kingdom of Love and light in their Hearts

Blessed are those who aspire to walk the Path of righteousness

Seed of Light Transmission.

Be of pure heart and You will manifest Divinity within and  Around you.

Partake of the natural Joys of being alive.

Your ability to breath.

To be able to feel the warm sun And cool breeze, to See the colors in the faces around you.

To smell the abundance of natures bounty to feel a warm hand reaching out for yours.

To listen to the heart of The Divine God

To taste the sweetness of harvest juicy fruits.


A visual message that came to me:

Branches of dendrites nerve endings with branches close to connecting, then a golden strand comes in from above and helps them connect like it is the glue. IS theis what science now calls telemeres?

Then I see strands of DNA with blue, yellow, and red colors lighting up.


Another Automatic Writing Channeling:

Be kind

Be Free

Be Now

Choose carefully that which is before you for that is what sets the path ahead. Clear the way as your greatness unfolds.  Listen to your Brethren and Sisters but allow yourself to be guided by your Heart.  Do not wait to live your command.

Be Free Be Alive Be a warrior of Life and Light Luminous Alive

Free to travel the night through fear and darkness through the dawn of destruction uplifted to Shambala and beyond to set the seeds for the New World at one at peace at home again in the garden of Eden.


At this point in the Automatic writing channeling the voice sounded like Martin Luther King Jr coming through in a commanding certain punctuated speech projecting out:



Valuing God above all,

Valuing self aspiring towards Freedom in All

Arms open wide to receive paradise on the other side

Set free from the burdens of persecution,

Set free to let freedom ring across the galaxies.

Relax and Renew with Reiki

Reiki is a time-tested way to obtain natural Stress Reduction. This potent Energy Medicine system was received through Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui in the early in 1900’s. Reiki spiritually guided life force energy has brought healing to millions of people over the years. Rei means Spiritual Wisdom that comes from the Higher Power greater than ourselves and connects us to Pure Divine Intelligence. Ki means the non-physical Life Energy that is in all living things (aka: Prana, Chi). Tapping into Reiki energy allows us to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Reiki is nondenominational and is practiced and taught by people of all faiths. As our Reiki skills develop we are able to receive Reiki for our own relaxation and enlightenment, as well as share it with our animal companions, family, community, and the world.

The System of Reiki has three levels. Reiki I is about self discovery and focuses on self-care and is usually taught in one day. As you open to receive Divine love and spiritual healing you find yourself experiencing less pain and deeper peace on all levels. In Reiki II you learn three mantras and symbols or keys that enhance focusing of Reiki energy for someone else, animals, and the earth. You also learn to share distant Reiki with loved ones and to bring a higher consciousness to global situations. Upon completion of Reiki I and II you earn a certificate as an Usui Reiki Practitioner. Reiki III is an advanced three day training to fine tune your skills after a year of sharing Reiki with other people. In this training you also acquire Reiki Master skills of providing attunements. You can develop a powerful and important Energy Medicine Practice through receiving and sharing Reiki. The world needs many high consciousness people now!

There are also Five Elements to the Reiki system with hands on healing being only one of them. They are:

1. Developing Spiritual and Mental focus. The 5 precepts help with this. Here is an adapted version that I share with the Reiki Kids class:

Just for today I will let go of anger,

Just for today I will let go of worry,

Just for today I will do my best,

Just for today I will be kind,

Just for today I will be thankful.

  1. Techniques and Meditations. This includes how to balance our head, heart, and earth energies.
  2. Hands on Healing, for self and others. This is a wonderful way to be in the flow and feel connected to the magic and mystery of living on planet Earth.
  3. Four Mantras and symbols. These tools are for grounding, protection, and enhanced clarity when receiving divine guidance, and can also assist with easing emotional and physical pain. Once attuned, even thinking of the symbol image or saying the mantra is a quick self care practice during times of stress, confusion, or overwhelm that can quickly restore balance.
  4. Attunements are received from a Reiki Master to enhance your ability to sense Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.

A Reiki session brings balance to the subtle energy field around you known as your Aura. It also restores flow to the life force energy along your spinal column and our Chakra energy centers. This creates the space for you to align with your Higher Self, and feel a calm body, clear mind, and open heart. Reiki is a form of preventative medicine and when we are relaxed, our bodies will heal and balance themselves. On a physical level Reiki has been known to lower blood pressure, relax muscles, and improve sleep. To experience Reiki, schedule a session at Sam’s Apothecary in Pullman by calling 208-502-0349, or visit www.samsapothecary.com, and click appointment.

Committing to a daily Reiki self-care practice deepens your ability to be in the receptive mode from Spirit, which allows life force energy to move through your whole Being. This sharpens your ability to manifest your desires and create the life your Soul was meant to live. Making time in your schedule to receive regular Reiki also allows you to expand beyond outdated patterns of thinking and other learned limitations. It allows you to be the best you can be. Reiki is a great tool for stress management, pain relief, and experiencing more heartfelt joy everyday.

Reiki is activated by an attunement from a Reiki Master which allows you access to the Reiki symbols and mantras. Learning Reiki is great for any health-care practitioner who wants to refine their natural emphatic and healing abilities. Many hospitals around the world are now incorporating Reiki Practitioners into their healthcare team for hospice care, birthing centers, with studies also showing the benefits of Reiki before and after surgery to calm patients.

To learn more about being attuned to Reiki I or becoming a Reiki Practitioner, contact Reiki Master Teacher Dr. Linda Kingsbury at 208-883-9933. Our next class is Saturday October 21 in Moscow. Visit www.SpiritHerbs.com to learn more easy ways about establishing your Divine Presence and accomplishing your Divine Purpose on Earth now.

Dr Linda has advanced training in Animal Reiki and Reiki drumming, as well as Karuna (compassionate mother) Reiki. If you are already a Reiki I and II Practitioner and would like to broaden your skills by learning to respectfully share Reiki with animals or learn Reiki drumming, please contact her at the above address. The Karuna Reiki classes are open to Reiki Masters with at least year practice sharing Reiki with clients and attuning students. Its all about being willing to receive! May the force be with you.


Nourishing Nettles to the Rescue


Wise women have been gathering Nettles for their wide range of healing properties for generations. In the picture above, I did not have gloves packed in the car, so innovated with plastic bags over my hands while gathering to avoid the stinging sensation that can happen if your hands come in contact with the little hollow thorny hairs filled with formic acid on the stem and underside of the leaves.


Stinging Nettles makes an excellent caffeine-free herbal tea to drink when your nervous system needs support.  Reach for Nettle tea especially during times of physical, mental, and emotional overwhelm. This traditional European adrenal tonic is rich in valuable minerals that are easy for our bodies to assimilate. To make a yummy tea, Place 1/2 cup of dried nettles in a quart jar. Fill to the top with boiling water. Cover the jar and let steep for at least 1/2 hour. Separate the herbs from the tea by pouring the mixture through a small mesh strainer. When you let the herbs soak overnight the tea turns a heart healing emerald green color. Preparing dried nettles in this way also makes a great hair strengthening rinse. Simply pour the warm nettle tea over the top of your head at the end of a shower. You can find bulk nettles at your local Coop or call me to buy some premium dried Nettles grown in Northwest USA.

Enhance your Nettle tea by adding Lavender flowers for focusing and mind calming benefits. A favorite blend that I make also contains Lemon balm for easing anxiety. This chlorophyll rich tea is called  Serenity and also has soothing Oatstraw. Two cups a day can improve your nervous system’s stress response in just a short time. It is safe for children and the elderly as well. If you have a questions about herbal compatibility with medications you are taking, please email me at drlinda@SpiritHerbs.com or call/text: 208-883-9933 for clarification.


When your nerves are fried and your head is spinning from external events, find relief with a Spirit Herbs Elixir called Earth Quake Aide. I developed it after the 1994 Earthquake in the San Francisco, California Bay area. A psychic friend called and asked me to make a formula for the shock, fear, and instability that can arise when you feel thrown off center. This Nettle based formula helps you have the strength to pick up the pieces and move forward after devastating events. At that time I was guided to add the benefits of home made  gem elixirs and flower essences to potentize and expand the healing qualities of the tinctures. This formula has Gold Gem Elixir helps to stabilize your Aura and hold the vibration of Nettles in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Red Clover Flower essence in this blend assists you in feeling your own center rather than getting caught up in the hysteria of others. It can also support grounded communication. For its homeopathic benefits add 15 drops to your water bottle and drink throughout the day. This liquid concentrate can also be added to hot tea, juice, or shakes. In a pinch, you can take 5 drops directly in your mouth if you do not have another liquid nearby. 2 droppers can be added to your bathtub or foot bath as well.

red clover patch

If you have allergies or are bothered with sinus congestion you will also want to try Nettles as a natural antihistamine. I blend it with Chickweed which breaks up mucous and Alfalfa for its alkalizing properties in Allertea tincture.


Detoxing with Red Clover


Detox with Red Clover Tea

Red clover is a detoxifying herb traditionally known as an alterative or “blood purifier”. Medicinally it works with the circulatory and lymphatic system eliminating toxins from the blood stream. Research shows that the blossoms contains blood-thinning coumarins, which makes red clover a popular complimentary remedy for cancer treatment, problematic skin, and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritis and gout. I blend it with pau d’arco bark, burdock root, fennel seeds, and rosehips for a popular “Red Clover Flower Detox Tea”. Two cups a day along with a whole food plant based diet can improve conditions like acne or eczema. I also prepare this tea into a Detox tincture that is easy to take on the go by simply adding drops to water. It is also cooling for the lungs and has expectorant properties. In Chinese medicine Red Clover blossoms are known to benefit the liver, heart, and lung meridians.

red clover patch

Menopausal Support

Research shows that Red Clover is full of hormone-like flavonoids and contains more estrogenic isoflavones than soy. This makes it a popular choice for navigating mid-life hormonal changes. Studies show it reduces some menopausal symptoms because of these rich phytoestrogen properties, natural calcium, and thyroid normalizing potential. Make a simple Red Clover infusion by pouring 1 quart of boiling water over 1 oz. of red clover blossoms in a jar and letting it steep for one to one and a half hours. This extracts a broad range of nutrients for optimal benefits. Drink 1-2 cups a day as part of your midlife rejuvenating program. Red Clover has been used to improve urinary tract and breast health, enhance memory, and bone strength. Combined with Motherwort and Chickweed it makes a good formula to ease hot flashes. Red Clover tincture also contains salicylic acid making it a natural pain reliever to ease joint pain.


Express Yourself

I recently bought a bumper sticker that says “Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” That is good advice to keep the throat chakra clear and to optimize communication both in the form of compassionate listening and speaking up. Communicating your truth as it unfolds creates a pathway for successfully bringing your passion and purpose into physical form. Red Clover blossoms assist in allowing a free flow of communication and self-expression. Prepare a cup of tea to sip on during a difficult conversation to promote speaking from the heart. Red clover can also support articulating emotions and memories that have been previously locked in the body but are now bubbling up for release. This makes Chakra Elixir #5 blended with red clover blossom tincture, lapis gem elixir, and snap dragon flower essence a great adjunct to counseling and sound healing sessions.

Sow Good

Red clover offers many health benefits for your body and soul. When you see red clover blossoms growing in a unsprayed area, may you feel inclined to help them fulfill their purpose of supporting you to build your health naturally. Be sure to gather herbs respectfully thanking all that made the plant possible, the wind to carry the seeds, the sun for supporting the plants growth, the rain for water, and the earth for all the minerals and nutrients for the plant to root and thrive in. Plants love songs of gratitude, seeds, and intentional offerings in exchange for their healing gifts. It is also respectful to gather some but not all of the plants that you find. Be sure to leave some for the bees and the rabbits. As I was writing this blog (in late summertime) my mother called and said the rabbits loved eating the clover in her rural New England yard.

Image result for rabbit eating red clover

Are you a Natural Empath?

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Many people are naturally emphatic, especially the new generation. They easily feel the emotions of other people. This is also known as Clair-sentience. We all react to this natural gift in different ways. Listed below are a few common ways that people respond to their natural talent. We are here to learn and grow and expand our gifts in ways that serve ourselves, others, and the evolution of the planet.

  1. Some people shut down their natural gifts due to trauma and other suppressing events in their lives. Especially if there is not any support around them or they are condemned by their families for their ability to feel the emotions of others. Empaths often turn to drugs, alcohol, overeating, overspending, excess sex, watching tv, gambling, or other numbing behaviors to cope with living in a world that invalidates feelings and natural knowing. There comes a time when they realize the life they have adjusted to is not the life their Soul  yearns for.

2. Some Empaths become hypervigiliant and dissociated, thus sending their awareness away from their own body into other people’s energy field. This is a form of self-protection, to assess in advance what other people are thinking or feeling, in a way to avoid pain. This behavioral can cause one to feel in control and that they are special with unique powers. But the ego can take over and untrained, this behavior can be a type of psychic intrusion which builds tension in your own and other people’s energy field.  This activity can also lead to getting stuck in picking up other people’s emotional and physical pain thus contributing to ill-health and lack of integrity. This can be an unconscious defensive behavior that can also make it difficult to receive from other people and life.


3. With the evolution of the planet and its people, many kids have been coming in for the last few years with their gifts intact, born into evolved families that support their natural talents. These people are creative and uplifting as they serve the planet and all creation. Being in community with like-minded people enhances your self care, healing abilities, and manifestations.

Empathy can be channeled upward to Clairvoyance, or psychic seeing by learning specific skills. I honed my own emphatic and psychic gifts by attending a branch of Berkeley Psychic Institute in the late 1980’s while living in Portland, Oregon. Since 1994, I have been teaching those skills in Moscow, Idaho through personalized Spiritual Development Coaching sessions, Aura and Chakra Awareness Classes and a formalized Clairvoyant Practitioner Program.

blue light sri yantra.jpg-thumb-80

In the Temple of Light Clairvoyant Practitioner program you learn to be a respectful Psychic, knowing when to set healthy boundaries and asking permission to “see”. You will also learn various methods for clearing your energy body everyday. This allows relaxation in the spirit of harmony and experiencing the highest form of Spiritual Oneness in the light. This program is excellent for getting in touch with your natural gifts and learning how to focus them for self-awareness and bringing healing states to other people and animals. Learn how to create sacred space, do aura and chakra balancing, do psychic readings, and anchor harmony in the world. You will find the structure to support your nature gifts to enhance you becoming a leader in your field. Develop your gifts and live to your full potential as a planetary citizen.

The 2016 classes begin September 10, 2016. Click here for more information.

Receiving Reiki


Reiki is a system of Spiritual Development and Natural Healing that was received by Japanese Dr. Usui Mikao in 1914 during a Isyu Guo 21 day training located at Mt Kurama Tendai Buddhist Temple. There was a waterfall that he stood under for purification, meditation and to activate the crown chakra. He was a sensitive spiritualist and on the 21st day of a fast, “he felt a great Reiki over his head, and at that same time he was spiritually awakened, he acquired the Reiki cure.” This greatly enhanced his healing abilities and he realized he had received a wonderful new gift – the ability to be a transmitter healing to others without depleting his own energy. Through his work and his students, Reiki has been passed on to over 1 million people around the world.

It is great to receive Reiki for yourself to enhance your experience of your own subtle energy field, clear your chakras, and allow support from the spiritual realms. There are are 5 elements of Reiki. Developing spiritual and mental focus, techniques and meditations, mantras and symbols, and attunements, and hands-on healing for self and others. If you feel guided, you may want to become a Reiki Practitioner to also share this wonderful gift with other people.


Reiki Benefits:

  • Learning to surrender and be in a receptive state to receive Reiki is a powerful meditation and focusing tool that benefits people who are always trying to fix something.
  • For people who are healthy, receiving Reiki helps to maintain their well-being, enhances relaxation and provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment.
  • For people who are ill, receiving Reiki is a wonderful complementary healing method that safely integrates with all other forms of health care. Many hospitals now are including Reiki in their Complimentary Healthcare programs.
  • For people preparing to leave the earth, receiving Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort and to ease the transition of physical death.
  • The earth loves receiving Reiki before planting seeds or when transplanting flowers or herbs as a way for all the elements to work together.
  • Animals love to receive Reiki and benefit in many ways. Rescue animals especially love Reiki and bond with their caretakers more.
  • Receiving Reiki and sharing it with yourself, other people, animals, plants and the land is a great way to be of service in sharing your Light and Love.


Usui Reiki Precepts

Do not bear ANGER for anger is illusion.

Do not be WORRIED, fear is distraction.

Be true to your WAY and your BEING.

Show COMPASSION to yourself and others because this is the center of Buddhahood.

Click here for upcoming Reiki Practitioner Training Classes.

You can also set up an individual Reiki session with Linda by clicking here.

Motherwort Matriarch Medicine

Women around the world have reached for Motherwort, as an ally for menopausal years for generations. During mid-life hormonal changes, the rest of your life often gets shaken up as well. Your Soul is stirring and knocking on the door of your heart….this is the time many Natural Healers are reborn. Being of service for the fulfillment of establishing your Divine presence and accomplishing your Divine purpose on earth is the task at hand. It’s time to get on with the important work of sharing your talents while balancing self-care and playtime.

Motherwort helps you relax into your Authentic Self, the inner voice that resonates with your Soul. A few drops of fresh Motherwort tincture added to water or tea, helps you surrender to the heart of the matter.

At this time it is important to learn to accept support. Women’s circles are springing up all over the world for healing oneself and our Mother earth in the presence of others. Earlier in the year I joined with thousands of women all over the world to lead New Moon Circles based on Unify Global Sisterhood. It is very powerful to ride the wave of celebrating life with other spiritual sisters.

I first identified miraculous Motherwort during the time I was writing my PhD dissertation on Phytochemicals for menopausal women in 2004.  I was ecstatic to find it growing in the wild near a barn at my older sisters house in rural New England. While I did not need it then, certainly a tincture that I make with Motherwort flowering tops has supported me and my clients during menopausal and post menopausal anxiety in recent years.



The latin name Leonorous cardiaca Lion-hearted gives us a clue about its power to help us be true to our heart and soul. Let your inner voice roar for the next step of your journey.


If your heart starts racing in the middle of the night and you need the comfort of Mother Source Energy, reach for a bottle of Motherwort and add a dropper or two to a cup of warm water. You’ll find yourself drifting off into a relaxing sleep and perhaps notice less night sweats.

I’m going to end this post with a short video that I took with a Bee gathering nectar and pollen from Motherwort in my garden. Take 58 seconds to Bee Calm and enjoy this clip from my garden to your heart.