Author: Dr. Linda Grace Kingsbury

Healing Crisis Support

A Healing Crisis may occur after sound and vibrational healing classes and sessions as time of adjustment to the new energies. It is a good sign that indicates healing is taking place. Once the toxins are gone, the body will adjust the new level of health. Things will feel different and possibly uncomfortable as your mind, body, emotions, and spirit adjusts to integrating your Higher Self The ego is learning to work with the higher self and Universal energies. It is good to keep a journal handy to record your awareness and synchronicities after meditation, self-healing, and dreamtime.


Eating light for a few days can be helpful. Perhaps do a 3-5 day juice cleanse. A Master cleanse with 32 oz. spring water, fresh juice of 2 whole lemons, and 2 Tbls. maple syrup cleanses the liver, which will reset digestion and ease emotions like anger and frustration. If you have not done a juice cleanse before I suggest starting with 16 oz. of Master Cleanse first thing in the morning about 1 hour before anything else. Then eating fresh fruits and vegetables (no: dairy, meat, carbs, sugar, alcohol) for 3 days before going into a longer liquid fast. Include natural probiotic foods. As much organic foods as possible. In Moscow Idaho check out Palouse Juice.


Golden milk is a nice warm drink made with 1 cup warmed milk of your choice, 1 tsp. turmeric powder, and a tsp. of honey if needed. Add a pinch of black pepper for extra absorption of this anti-inflammatory herb.

Idaho Herbs Calendula Dandelion tea and Red Clover Detox tea are available from Spirit Herbs Shop or at the Moscow Food Coop in bulk jars.

Herbs like Nettles, Oat straw, Lemon balm, Lavender, and Linden are soothing for the nervous system. Check out Lavender Serenity, Relaxing Rose or other restorative blends that I make at Spirit Herbs shop


Sublingual B 12. I like the liquid kind to boost energy, support digestion, and ease nerves.

Zyflamend anti-inflammatory tablets 2 -2x a day to start. This reduces fibromyalgia type symptoms.

Magnesium powder or tablets.  2 x a day,


Take as much time for self-care as your schedule allows. Sleep is often the most important remedy for healing crisis symptoms. Journal about your feelings and what came up during session and classes. Read inspirational materials, listen to calming music, walking outside. Take soothing baths with epsom salts, baking soda, and seasalt. (1/2 c. each). Add your favorite essential oils, perhaps lavender or chamomile to the bath.

Simplify your environment

Make room for the new you by cleansing objects (everything from the windows in your home to your clothes or crystals) and reducing clutter. This supports your healing process by shifting your living, work, and sacred space. Tidy up your bedroom to enhance deep sleep that is necessary for lasting rejuvenation.

Near Infared Heat Lamp treatments, sauna, coffee enemas, and PEMF treatments are other cleansing and restorative processes.

Reiki Self care treatments are a helpful addition to boost overall health. Kundalini Yoga classes support cleansing breathing skills, stress management, and Vitality.

Be in nature or listen to the sounds of nature, especially running water.

Please call 208-883-9933 or email DrLinda@SpiritHerbs.comfor more information, customized herbs and treatments.

Ascension Tea

As our consciousness expands and DNA develops fully, our nervous system can use support for the adjustments of embracing conscious embodied living. Ascension Tea is a unique blend of organic and wild flowers and herbs hand gathered and air dried by Herbalist Dr. Linda Kingsbury. She has been active in the human potential movement since 1980. Attending the Harmonic Convergence gathering at Mt. Shasta in 1987 and participating in 11:11 Gatherings solidified her commitment to being of service as a Lightworker for all creation. She has walked the path of devotion to Source listening to receive guidance and earth reverence songs.

This unique blend especially intended for Lightworkers, kundalini yoga practitioners, and others who need nervous system support as our frequency increases.  Sound and vibrational frequencies are shared with the plants during the growing, gathering, and processing stages of creating all Spirit Herbs Ascension products.

Click on the link below to learns more about the herbs in this formula.

This yummy tea contains:

Lemon Balm

pic of lemonbalm courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski via flickr




and Oatstraw which is a mineral rich nervous system support herb. 

Available as a bulk tea to make 40 cups or 20 tea bags for medicinal infusion strength teas. $22


Lavender and Spiritual Integration

Lavender is a wonderfully scented nervine that supports our nervous system. The healing powers are especially designed to have a positive effect on our head. Drinking teas and accessing the aromatherapy properties of lavender opens the crown chakra and enhances meditation. The closed lavender bud even resembles the pinecone like image of the pineal gland.

My Lavender is loving grown organically in North Idaho where the ratio of sun and rain and soil is perfect for producing premium quality blossoms. Harvested by hand in mid-July just before the buds burst open for the bees. Its actually the bees that keep me in tune with the perfect time to harvest. When they start buzzing amongst the lavender bushes, I know harvest day is near. I wait and watch for the Lavender to let me know. When I hear their call, I begin the process of gathering a handful at a time. I tie some in bundles on the spot.

Hanging the bundles upside down to dry allows the volatile oils to condense in the tips of the buds for optimal potency. While I leave some of the bundles ties for decoration, I prepare the rest for my herbal offerings of flower teas and tinctures.

Herbal Teas containing Lavender include Lavender Serenity, Ascension Flower Tea, Meditation chakra #7, and Moscow Mint.


Blessing Herbs

Linda offering plumeria flowers to the ocean in Maui prior to her morning swim.

Many earth-centered cultures around the world offer flowers as gratitude to the Ancestors, Plant Spirits, and the Divine. My grandmothers taught me to love being outside amongst the plants. They both had lovely flower gardens. I also learned to admire the sunrise and sunsets, the oceans, the birds, all of life. My Nez Perce friend Sharon taught me to make a tobacco offering when we saw a hawk or other delight. It was a way to honor Great Spirit for the simple things in life.

Those experiences inspired me to package some of the the organic and wild plants that I gather for your Blessing Herbs to be able to make simple offerings any time. All the blessings add up and the Mother Earth is pleased.

Organic and wild herbs gathered with prayerful respect for all creation. When you feel grateful for an experience or when gathering food and herbs, you can give thanks by sprinkling some blessing herbs on the earth. It is a way of feeding her Spirit. Available in a convenient muslin bag or reusable tin. $11

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Temple of Light Academy Code of Ethics

Temple of Light Academy Code of Ethics

For Reiki Practitioners, Reiki Master Teachers, Clairvoyant Consultants, Sound Healers

  1. Confidentiality:I agree that no information about the client will be disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the client or the parent or guardian if the client is under the age of 18.
  2. Transparency:I am clear in my media and website and willing to explain to prospective clients or students your training background, what takes place in a Reiki session, the subjects covered in your classes, the amount of time spent in sessions and classes and the fees charged.
  3. Integrity:I will be honest in all my activities and communication. I agree not to misuse my natural talents and acquired skills in the realm of Reiki and Spiritual Healing. I will share compassion with myself and all life.
  4. Respect:I value and respect myself, my clients and my students. I agree to never engage in any illegal or immoral activity with my clients or students. I will never touch their genital area or breasts, never ask them to disrobe and never make sexual comments, jokes or references. It is understood that it is a boundary violation to engage in inappropriate emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, or sexual relations between a teacher/student or practitioner/client even if it is consensual, due to the imbalance of power dynamics. I understand the difference between personal and professional healthy boundaries. I understand the dynamics of projection, transference, and trauma reenactment that may occur with a client or student. If I am in doubt, I will seek support from my teacher, colleagues, or a counselor.
  5. Sobriety:I agree to abstain from the use of mind altering substances, drugs or alcohol during all professional activities including sessions, classes, and retreats.
  6. Educate:I will remember that providing Reiki sessions are only one aspect of Reiki. I understand the value of the daily recitation of the Reiki Precepts. I understand that it is essential to engage with Reiki throughout the day and to make a commitment to a daily spiritual devotional practice of my choosing.
  7. Refer:I acknowledge that Reiki works in conjunction with other forms of medical or psychological care. If a client or student has a medical or psychological condition, I will suggest that they see a licensed health care provider, in addition to giving them Reiki sessions.
  8. Non-Interference:I will never diagnose medical or psychological conditions or prescribe medications, never suggest that a client change dosages of substances prescribed or suggest that they change prescribed treatment of a health care provider.
  9. Honesty: I will never use another person’s materials in your classes, website or literature without giving credit.
  10. Professional Conduct:I will always act in such a way so as to create and maintain a professional relationship as I represent myself as a student and graduate of Temple of Light Academy.
  11. Gratitude:I will be grateful for the gift of Reiki and for each client and student who chooses to come to me.

Adapted from ICRT Reiki Code of Ethics

Ascension Symptoms Support

Every day the consciousness of planet earth and its people are expanding. As we learn and grow together, there are natural shifts that are experienced in our physical body, emotions, mind and spirit selves. It is time to anchor our Higher Selves into our body everyday now. This time of embodiment allows us to establish our Divine presence and accomplish our Divine purpose on earth now.

My journey as a WayShower began after a trip to Kuaui in 1986. There are many steps on the journey that I will share in another post, but now I will share what has helped me over the past 23 years flow with the personal and planetary adjustments as my Soul lifted the rest of me more consciously into living as a light being everyday.

Now the timelines are shifting and we are in this glorious time of more people having spontaneous awakenings that put them on the path of living a more authentic life filled with light, synchronicities, and joy. When moving beyond resistances of the ego and what has been comfortable in the past, on our earthwark we all need support. In this blog I offer ways to align with the magic and mystery of having a human incarnation now and being stable enough to bring forward your unique contribution at this time. It is about being humble enough to learn and grow with other humans along the way. It is about seeing the highest good in all. It is about being disciplined enough to stay present as we expand. It is about aligning with what is working well and finding daily joy.

Are you having unexplained health issues? Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, lyme disease symptoms and some digestive issues can be your physiology naturally adjusting to the incoming vibrations of expansion. Especially if you are a highly sensitive person, you’ll need to be allowing more time for rest and processing. This is the journey of a healer and lightworker to know how to process emotions both your own and those you are picking up from other people. The magic is to feel compassion and the pleasure of relief to for your journey and this magnificent life you’ve been given.

Your physical body is adjusting to the high vibes of awakened DNA, spiritual enlightenment, living from compassion in the present moment, and consciousness expansion. As our own personal electromagnetic magnetic body responds to the shifts of the sun, earth’s environmental changes, solar system, and multiverse. Our physical organs, muscles, joints are shifting to compensate for the higher vibratory rates inside your skin.

Employ compassion as your friend for these shifts from the old ways to the new ways that support your whole self. As you Wake Up, there are new lifestyle upgrades required where you pay more attention to your vibrational field. Allow your heart chakra to expand so all of your subtle energy center chakras can open and flow between earth and heaven. Be the vessel for embodied ascension.

What you resist persists. Part of the journey is allowing yourself to feel your emotions deeply and process them, but not to get stuck there. Allow yourself a cycle of completion with your past so your awareness can move on to more openness, more joy, more aliveness. Make space for your dreams and visions to become reality.

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 Supportive Foods and Herbs 

  • Alkalinize your blood with fresh juices of all colors.
  • Add natural probiotics like sauerkraut to your daily consumption.
  • Eat steamed leafy green and non starchy cooked vegetables everyday. Expand to eating a portion of green vegetables with each meal for optimal reorganization of gut health.
  • Gluten-free, Dairy-free, less sugar of all kinds, and nightshade-free eating can reduce all inflammations.
  • Drink ½ your body weight in Oz. of pure water per day. For example if you weigh 130 pounds drink about 2 quarts of water. Add macro and trace minerals and electrolytes by adding a product like “OmniBlue” to your water.
  • Drink organic teas that assist in cleansing and rejuvenation. I grow organic herbs and gather local wild medicinal plants to create great teas for physical and emotional Detox.  Click here for some of my favorites.
  • Aloe vera juice is great for third chakra solar plexus digestive issues. 2 oz. 2 x a day can heal ulcerative tissues in humans and pets. Good for urinary tract irritations as well.
  • Schedule in more silence so you can hear your Higher Self guide you to the foods, media, people, and activities sustain your whole health now.
  • Regular Coffee enemas are a great benefit to cleanse your liver, digestive tract, improve your mood, and clear excess candida overgrowth from your system. Email me if you needs some guidance in this area.
  • Always eat the highest quality food available.
  • Natural pain relief for fibromyalgia symptoms includes internal arnica homeopathic tablets, Zyflamend brand herb supplement, scullcap blend teas (Lavender Serenity and Stillpoint tincture that I make for this). Topical relief can come from Hemp CBD salve, arnica homepathic gel, Ginger Muscle Rub essential oil blend that I make.
  • Adrenal Fatigue responds well to Nettles or Schizandrae berry herbal products. Lots of rest, warm baths with your favorite essential oils or herbs, journaling, completing cycles of processing old emotions to avoiding compounded emotional fatigue.

Allow emotional wounds to heal

Of course it is important to pay attention to the signals that your emotions are giving you. When you see your emotions as simply information, you can build emotional resilance.

Steps to flow with when processing emotions includes Awareness of feelings, Processing emotions, seeking Solutions to Resolution. Rather than getting stuck in a lifetime of simple awareness or processing, our new DNA starts that re becoming active allow us to expand our consciousness to allow resolution. We are here to enjoy life. Sometimes intense clearing has to happen but there comes a day when it is time to move forward rather than jumping back into the pit. The length of this is different for everyone. Follow your own timing but keep open to future resolution in your own Spirit so you can create beauty, peace, and joy everyday.

Especially if you were bullied as a child, it seems natural to get into a pattern of subconsciously bullying ourselves by not completing the cycle of healing around an emotion wound. Get support in reclaiming your power and choosing to turn victim consciousness into creating the life of your dreams. When we bring compassion from our heart to all our emotions, we allow fear, doubt, and worry to integrate. As we share our ascended heart energies with ourselves, loneliness, shame, judgement, and a sense of separation shifts. We befriend the emotional part of our lives in balance with the physical, mental, and spiritual layers for our Soul journey.

The main thing with e-motions is that the energy wants to move. Otherwise it stagnates, persists, and can condense into disease. What we resist persists. As time goes on you cannot hide from your secrets.

  • Love yourself enough to process what needs to be let go of so you can be in the new now.
  • Keep your energy moving with meditations, movement, conscious connection.
  • Create Affirmations and allow yourself to Vision what supports your desired state of being.
  • Listen to music and engage in activities that bring your joy.
  • Give space. Allow time for deep rest, integration, and assimilation. There is no rush.
  • The bottom line is to bring more body awareness. Tune into your sensations and how you are feeling with all that you encounter and do. Your emotions are connected to your Soul speaking to you.
  • Listen to your body and follow through with the necessary adjustments. Be humble enough to do the layers of work as they unfold. The often deeply painful processing gives rise to freedom.  Allow the stuck patterns in your DNA and lineage to heal and upgrade for all concerned. Here are some good journaling questions.
  • Ask When I do (this activity) how do I feel?
  • Am I covering feelings up to numb or feel better as a quick fix?
  • Am I really feeling nourished, free, alive, awake?
  • If all my needs were met, what would I do?
  • Ask What am uniquely here to do?
  • Who and what am I devoted to?

Meditation and Moving Energy

Here are several types of meditations that can be beneficial for your progress.

  • Passive – Relax and rest on the BEMER mat. This opens your awareness to electromagnetic energy flows in your body. Call to set up a session locally.
  • Gong Bath – vibrational and sound bath to keep chakra energy centers clear and flowing to optimize your use of the natural healing forces within and around you.
  • Visual Meditation – Running your energy to release blocks restores flow in your electro magnetic energy body. Strengthen your commitment to your spiritual self.
  • Any dancing and whole body movement especially freeform releases tension and open life force energy to your whole self
  • Walking outside. Allow all your 5 senses and metaphysical senses to open to the cycles, magic and mystery of all creation. Fresh air is important.
  • Being in natural sunlight predawn and at sunset is magical for spectral healing, especially when you make time to look into the dew drops. I have sipped the dew from Ladies Mantle leaves growing in the gardens.
  • Seasalt, baking soda, and epsom salts make great bath combinations soothe tired muscles and accept salty emotional processing tears.

Align with a High Vibe Tribe

  • Meet with like minded people where you are who appreciate you just as you are now.
  • Attend yoga, dance, or chi gong classes that increase mind-body awareness.
  • Learn to process your emotions through journaling, improving verbal communication and listening skills with the people in your life, receiving support from a mental health counselor when needed.
  • Acknowledge any numbing behaviors and opening up to heal them. This releases blockages and restore flow thus enhancing your own life force energy. Remember that guilt can be more toxic than any substance. Patience and compassion rule from an ascended consciousness.
  • Heal the addiction of co-dependency. Learn to set healthy boundaries with friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Be with people who respect where you are and allow your process while maintaining their own sense of self. Share compassion by giving each other space and patience.

Temple of Light Academy in Moscow Idaho offers classes, courses and consultations to support your journey of being your best self. Visit or call/text Grace at 208-883-9933

This information is not a substitute for medical attention. Please seek appropriate health practitioners for your issues.

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Gong Avatar Academy Idaho



“Mystery School of Self Mastery”

(Est. 2008 by Sotantar Suraj)

Gong Avatar Self Mastery
Awakening Soul & Body
Embracing Path & Destiny

Training Description:

LEVEL I -TBA in Moscow Idaho in person or through Zoom long distance.

Once a month for 13 months (only $111 per month) 10:00am-3:00pm

You will gain a deeper understanding of the Sacred Sound of the Gong, the Body and the Soul, its powerful transformational effects on the Body, Mind, Spirit & the Self Awareness.
Each of the Three Levels combine elements of Kundalini Yoga, Gong Immersions, The Kybalion, Brain Frequencies, Biofeedback, Color Therapy and Frequencies, Tarot and Kundalini Numerology, Sound Healing Techniques, Tantra, Toning, Lucid Dreaming, Planet Frequencies and Properties, Stones, Crystals, Runes, Sacred Geometry, Vedic & Western Astrology, Meditation…

Training Highlights:

* Introduction to Self Mastery Through the Sacred Sound of the Gong, the Body, Mind & Soul
* The Ancient Gong & its Significant in This Age
* Type of Gongs & How to Choose Your Gong
* How to Approach & Play the Gong, Personal Sessions, Gong Immersions

* Avatar Tools: Awareness,
Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Sacred Sound

The Gong Meditation practice will immerse you in sound as you go into a deeper level within. The Gong sounds & vibrations stimulate a meditative & contemplative state in which we have the opportunity to see & surrender the control of the mind, transcending time and space.

Now Available in Moscow Idaho!

with Gong Avatar & Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Grace Kingsbury

For an intake interview, program details, and complete training fees please call 208-883-9933 to set up an appointment with Grace. You do not need to purchase a Gong to participate in the program. Each class session costs $111.

Please call to confirm class dates prior to booking nonrefundable lodging or travel arrangements. 

I look forward to sharing this fun and enlightening journey with you!

Juice Cleanse Companion Teas

Juice cleansing is a great way to reset your body for the new year. Giving your body a break from your normal food plan for a few days optimizes digestion, increases absorption of vital nutrients in a form that is easy to digest, and improves mental clarity. You may even experience a boost of energy and a lightness of being since your body can use its resources to for other metabolic functions rather than digesting foods.

If you are focusing on a liquid cleanse for 3-5 days especially in the winter, it is good to supplement your plan with warm medicinal flower infusions. I’ve assembled three of my most popular blends into a convenient package as a companion to your juice cleanse experience. Here is more information for you about the herbal blends and how they can benefit you on your journey of optimal health.


Enjoy a cup of Calendula Morning Digestion Medicinal Flower Infusion in between your the morning juices or if you want to warm your digestion up before beginning your juice sequences. 

Physical Benefits: This popular tea for Liver support also has anti-inflammatory herbs. Antibacterial and anti-yeast Calendula keeps digestive yeast in balance and reduces pelvic inflammation. Dandelion root is a traditional liver cleansing herb. Peppermints antispasmodic properties reduces intestinal cramps and gas. A cup in the morning supports regular cleansing and elimination.

Emotional/Mental benefits: When a liver supportive herb like Dandelion root is blended with a mint herb, it is traditionally known to lift one’s mood. Dandelion also helps ease and process anger. Calendula flowers relieve irritability. Peppermint assists in developing a positive self-esteem and the courage to overcome obstacles.

Spiritual Benefits: These 3 herbs, Dandelion root, Calendula, and peppermint support the Earth Chakras enhancing grounding, creativity, empowerment, and embodied ascension.

Contains Organic: Dandelion root, Calendula flowers, Peppermint leaves.

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Enjoy a cup of Red Clover Detox Tea Midday to keep warm and toxins moving out of the body through your blood stream and kidneys.

Physical Benefits: Cleanses the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. Red Clover is a traditional blood purifying and cooling herb that helps relieve excess mucous from your system. Pau d’arco is another blood purifying herb that has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which offers deep cleansing especially if your system has an increase of Candida due to eating sugar or excess fruits. Burdock root traditionally cleanses the gallbladder, liver, kidneys and releases excess acid from the body. This formula is beneficial for any skin eruptions and has been beneficial for clients with eczema.

Emotional/Mental Benefits: Burdock root digs deep into your cells and assists with processing stuck emotions, resentments, and out dated thoughts. Red clover helps to give words to buried emotions and support honest communication.

Spiritual Benefits: Fennel Seeds help to relax your stomach for optimal assimilation and grounding into   your physical body. They also help relieve intestinal gas.  Red clover helps to open the throat chakra so you can speak your truth as a way to purify and uplift your life.

Contains Organic: Red Clover, Pau d’arco, Burdock root, Fennel Seeds, Rosehips.



Enjoy a cup of Moscow Mint Medicinal Flower Infusion in the evening to relax your nervous system and support sweet dreams:


Physical Benefits: A unique blend of Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Lavender flowers. A nice after dinner tea to soothe digestion. All of these herbs have natural antispasmodic, and mild antiviral and antibacterial qualities. In studies Lemon Balm has been shown to be active against the Herpes Simplex 1 Virus. For more on Lemon Balm click here.

Makes a pleasant tasting tea hot or cold. Nature made this blend when these herbs all grew together in my garden one year. Instead of separating them from each other I took the “hint” and processed the blend.

Emotional/Mental Benefits: Heart healthy, mood balancing, digestion soothing Lemon Balm rounds out this blend. Lavender opens your crown chakra to enhance meditation and receiving direct revelation form your Spiritual Guides. Mints supports assimilation of experiences and ideas for positive action.

Spiritual Benefits: Lemon Balm enhances past life integration. Whether earlier life experiences that need to be worked out in your whole self or your actual Souls experiences from previous incarnations that need completion, reach to lemon balm to assist this journey. Mint activates the Solar plexus third chakra to get you moving in the right direction by taking action on the physical plane. Lavender supports tuning into your Divine Guidance and manifesting your dreams.

Contains Organic: Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, and lavender flowers.


Enjoy your journey and let me know how it goes.

Here is my recent testimonial to my local juicing company, Palouse Juice, 509 S. Main St, Moscow Idaho:

Thanks Zach and Benedetta for helping me kick off the new years right with an awesome 5 day juice cleanse! I feel great!! The highest quality juices that are yummy and convenient. Recommended for everyone ready for more living in the light in 2019.”

Call Palouse Juice at 208-892-2233 today to order your Juice Cleanse and Juice Cleanse Companion Teas today.

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Miracle Radiant Tree

What a surprise to return after a vacation to visit my family in New England to find my Christmas Tree sprouting!!

I entered the dark living room and gasped in amazement when I could see the tips of the branches glowing in radiance. I walked across the room to switch the ceiling light on so I could see more clearly. When I turned around to see the light green new growth of the graceful boughs, my hand automatically went to my heart. How is this possible? I have never seen anything else like this in my 60 years this time on earth. This tree cut more than a month ago was sprouting like it was spring.

This fir tree was transplanted about 10 years ago from my front yard to the back. At the time it was planted, I did not consider the rate of growth. Over the years it grew to about 30 feet tall and was reaching over into the neighbors yard. The tree was calling my attention to itself this summer as I was teaching classes in the back yard. Though my property is surrounded by tall trees, this one was the tallest tree actually growing in my yard. It lived outside my bedroom window and I often gazed at the full moon through its encroaching branches.

It was harvested at dusk one night just before the first winter storm in Moscow. Adorned with gold and white lights the first night before gathering what few Christmas ornaments I could easily find. Crystals, bracelets, necklaces, and crystal were later added. My Gingerbread doll and holiday cards filled out the celebration of this tree. This miracle tree is still up and will remain so for a bit longer as a companion to my morning yoga and evening teatime.

I know that I can relax and settle into my joy and expanded heart connection with the pure energy beyond the physical experience of the tree. Its allowing the oneness with my souls experience of connection and the easy smile it brings to my face that matters. Though I sense and see the energy within and around the tree as a light-filled Being, made more apparent by the form of the tree, I can be present with it fully experiencing it without the limits of naming it.

May you be filled with delightful curiosity

about the magic and miracles of new growth in your life this year.

Testimonials – What clients and students say

“Once again we have reason to be grateful for your broad knowledge of herbs and healing and your passion for the gifts of the earth. Thank you for sharing your skills and talents with us.” In Peace, The Retreat Team at St. Gertrudes Monastery
“Your presentation last night was excellent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for herbal healing.” R.F. Breast Cancer Support Group

“Thank you for bringing me back to earth!!  I attended your workshop and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the uses of herbs. I particularly liked the meditation and art expression. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive at first but I realize how much it helped me to relax.” Regina

“Thank you for sharing your gifts with us this weekend. Your knowledge of the healing properties of plants clearly runs deep and is twinned with obvious love for creation – wonderful qualities to teach and model this weekend. Blessings on the good work you do.” St. Gertrude’s Retreat Team

“I know the training’s I have received from you and the Temple of Light have helped build a sound, solid and yet malleable foundation for my next steps. I appreciated how much I’ve grown in understanding and compassion through your teachings.” S.L.

“No amount of words can express the gratitude and joy that I have for the gift of your teachings. I cannot thank you enough for allowing yourself to be a vessel of light and love. That vessel was used to help show me I could make the choice to live.” P.M.

“Thank you for teaching me to forgive myself and that my behavior was learned and not character flaws. I feel a lot more at ease with myself and my life journey.” S.B.

“I am now a firm believer in the adage When the student is ready a teacher appears. We are all so grateful you chose to be our teacher. I know I have much more to learn and I am really looking forward to it.” K.H.

“I am so glad to have you teaching at my school. Thank you for doing such an excellent job.” Turning Point School

“Thank you for your workshop on Sunday. The students seemed to really enjoy it.” Moscow School of Massage

“I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture.” Ann

“I learned a lot in your seminar. Thanks for feeding me spiritual food.” Patricia

“I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the seminar very much. The meditation at the end brought out a resonance that kept me going for the rest of the day.” Billy

“Thank you for the wonderful program you presented at our P.E.O. meeting. Your presentation was excellent and introduced our members to the many benefits of aromatherapy. Thank you for sharing your expertise.” K.U.

“I attended  your lecture and found it wonderfully enlightening.” M.M.

“Thank you kind Doctor of the Universe.” C.A.


“I am blessed by your light, touch, personality, and intelligence. Thank you for who you are and the journey you are on. You are a rich resource for all who cross your path in life.”

“I appreciate you more than words can say.”

“Your guidance has opened our souls and transformed our path together.”

“I’m so grateful for the light you shine, the love you give, and the strength of your warrior’s heart. And I am so grateful for the wisdom and insight you have shared with me…you have given so much more than you ever know. Thank you for being you, and for all the ways you have helped me learn how to be Me. The Psyschic Healing and Clairvoyant classes with you were, are, will ever be one of the most meaningful things Ive done on this earthwalk…it has literally saved my life and soul more than once.”

“Thank you for your wonderful products and care.”

“Thought about the wonderful work you do with horses, your medicinal herbs and how much all these things mean to the world, knowing your strings of love is connected to all you do.The love you give through all you do has a beautiful butterfly effect to all who you serve unwavering is a sweet sweet blessing.”

“With your sweet guidance my back pain has reduced significantly. My courage in establishing boundaries is becoming easier everyday. We are working side by side to heal our wounds and be comfortable in our commitments to each other. You are very important in our lives and we are grateful for your gifts.”

“This summer has been really interesting and wonderful with all that I have learned from you. I have always appreciated your knowledge and depth of healing insights. It has been soooo cool all you have shared with how flowers talk.”

“You have an amazing presence. You are an amazing teacher with a bright and playful spirit. You have profoundly and forever changed my life in a wonderful positive way.”

“Your dedication to your values and authenticity is beautiful and inspiring. Growing and evolving in your course and presence is life changing.”

“You are such an amazing Goddess. I am so grateful to have taken this class, I can’t tell you enough how much I thank you for all the gifts you have bestowed on me and my family…You inspire me to be a better person.”

“Thank you for helping me and my family.”