About Dr. Linda Grace Kingsbury

Dr. Linda Grace Kingsbury focuses on natural medicine ways to support you in feeling empowered about building your health and radiance with alternative health options. She blends her connection to the natural world with a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. She graduated with her doctorate degree focusing on Phytochemicals for Menopausal Women. She has worked in the field of Holistic Nutrition since 1979 when she was a trained as a Nutrition Assistant with Jack LaLane’s Health Club in Upland, California.

She has gardened since childhood and practices her herbal medicine skills by growing and harvesting herbs as well as preparing fine organic remedies. Since 1985 she has formulated organic herbal teas, tinctures, and elixirs under her company names currently Spirit Herbs (focusing on the emotional and spiritual properties of herbs), and Idaho Herbs (focusing on herbs she grows and gathers for family wellness). In her private practice, she offers her clients custom made herbal teas, tinctures, homeopathic elixirs, pure essential oils, and flower essences. She also blends custom products from her herbal dispensary for local Health Care Practitioners.

With a focus on Herbal Medicine and Conscious Living she brings over 30 years to her holistic health practice. Each session is customized for your needs with medical intuition and kinesiology muscle testing. She can help you choose herbs  for stress management, women’s health issues, emotional balance, and spiritual development. Her natural Clairvoyant and Mediumship abilities were honed at a Clairvoyant Development Program in Portland Oregon. She graduated in 1988. Her skills have been enhanced with formal training in Rebirthing/Conscious Energy Breathing, Spiritual Purification, Shamanic Practices, Sound Current Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Reiki.

As well as being a guest speaker on Seattle’s KIRO radio and Kona Hawaii’s KUOI, Dr. Kingsbury hosted “Ask the Herbalist” radio program on local Moscow station KRFP. Speaker Profile She has published articles in the national publications of Shape Magazine, Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine, and Planetary Citizen magazines. click here for testimonials

Dr. Kingsbury is a guest teacher at Health Fairs nationwide in the USA including Teton Wellness Festival, Sun Valley Wellness Festival, Portland Mind Body Expo, Albuquerque Whole Life Expo,  Los Angeles Whole Life Expo, Holistic Festivals, and Angel Expos.

Her hobbies include swimming with wild dolphins in open oceans, exploring interspecies communication, horse heart connections, earth reverence song writing, and devotional dancing.

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Spirit Herbs are created to sustain your body as a temple of light for your body Soul. I have been making Spirit Herbs Elixirs which are homeopathic-like elixirs blending organic herbal tinctures, organic flower essences, and quality gem elixirs for balancing mind-body, and spirit. These products assist you in aligning with the emotional and spiritual well-being of your desires.

Spirit Herbs products were born by blending my experience as a Spiritual Healer with my Herbal Wisdom. During healing sessions plants make their presence known and wish to offer support to clients for their process of spirit-filled living. Spirit Herb Elixirs allow you to benefit from the gifts of healing plants, flowers, crystals and stones everyday. Making the gem elixirs and flower essences are another joyful part of creating the elixirs.

I blend organic and wild plants gathered with prayerful respect for all creation and made in alignment with nature’s cycles. Many people feel that it is the loving care that goes into each one that makes them a valuable product to support their spiritual journey.

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Idaho Herbs are local organic and wild-crafted herbs carefully gathered, dried, and blended for your Natural Health benefits. Handmade in small batches to insure freshness and quality, these tincture liquid herbal extracts are easy to use. Simply add drops to water, tea or directly in your mouth to experience the health properties of Idaho herbs. Lovely Flower Teas are made with organic and wild herbs and formulated by Dr. Kingsbury.

Temple of Light Academy

One day as I was teaching an Energy Healing class, I felt a strong beam of Light enter the back of my neck. I kept hearing the words Temple of Light. The Energy Work that I share with clients and students is based on surrendering our limited conditioning and reclaiming our power as co-creators in manifesting the life our Soul desires. Temple of Light was registered with the state of Idaho as a Religious organization since 1997. This is the organization that you can be ordained under if you wish to officiate wedding ceremonies, spiritual guidance, and hands on healing. For more about Temple of Light Academy

Dolphin Light Activation

The dolphins gave me this inter-dimensional healing technique to upgrade humans ability to handle the high frequency states of energy that are coming to the planet 2012-2032. Sessions combine sound, movement, and sharing Dolphin Light through my hands to accelerate ascension into the highers dimension of 5th and above. (light, cooperation, harmony, direct revelation, instant manifestation, and joy). These sessions activate the kundalini life force energy and upgrades your DNA and bio-electric operating systems for optimal living now. Be transported by the sounds and sensations of being in the open oceans with wild dolphins. Each session includes a bottle of Dolphin Bliss Elixir to support integration of these frequencies after sessions. To schedule a vibrational and sound healing session click here