About Dr Linda Grace Kingsbury

Experience You Can Count On

I offer my love of plants through creating herbal remedies with local organic and wild-crafted herbs carefully gathered, dried, and blended for their Natural Health benefits. Handmade in small batches in a health department certified kitchen with premium ingredients to insure freshness and quality. 

Blending my experience gardening since my childhood 4-H garden with herbal wisdom and a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition I create unique herbal products for you. Many people feel that it is the conscious loving care that goes into each stage of production that makes it a valuable addition to their daily health routine.  

May you enjoy Idaho Herbs and Spirit Herbs products for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and  opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with  timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer quality premium herbal products that will help you get there quickly and  smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.

Our service includes customized herbal garden designs, quality organic herbal products, fresh and dr