Healing Crisis Support


A Healing Crisis may occur after sound and vibrational healing classes and sessions as time of adjustment to the new energies. It is a good sign that indicates healing is taking place. Once the toxins are gone, the body will adjust the new level of health. Things will feel different and possibly uncomfortable as your mind, body, emotions, and spirit adjusts to integrating your Higher Self The ego is learning to work with the higher self and Universal energies. It is good to keep a journal handy to record your awareness and synchronicities after meditation, self-healing, and dreamtime.


Eating light for a few days can be helpful. Perhaps do a 3-5 day juice cleanse. A Master cleanse with 32 oz. spring water, fresh juice of 2 whole lemons, and 2 Tbls. maple syrup cleanses the liver, which will reset digestion and ease emotions like anger and frustration. If you have not done a juice cleanse before I suggest starting with 16 oz. of Master Cleanse first thing in the morning about 1 hour before anything else. Then eating fresh fruits and vegetables (no: dairy, meat, carbs, sugar, alcohol) for 3 days before going into a longer liquid fast. Include natural probiotic foods. As much organic foods as possible. In Moscow Idaho check out Palouse Juice.


Golden milk is a nice warm drink made with 1 cup warmed milk of your choice, 1 tsp. turmeric powder, and a tsp. of honey if needed. Add a pinch of black pepper for extra absorption of this anti-inflammatory herb.

Idaho Herbs Calendula Dandelion tea and Red Clover Detox tea are available from Spirit Herbs Shop or at the Moscow Food Coop in bulk jars.

Herbs like Nettles, Oat straw, Lemon balm, Lavender, and Linden are soothing for the nervous system. Check out Lavender Serenity, Relaxing Rose or other restorative blends that I make at Spirit Herbs shop


Sublingual B 12. I like the liquid kind to boost energy, support digestion, and ease nerves.

Zyflamend anti-inflammatory tablets 2 -2x a day to start. This reduces fibromyalgia type symptoms.

Magnesium powder or tablets.  2 x a day,


Take as much time for self-care as your schedule allows. Sleep is often the most important remedy for healing crisis symptoms. Journal about your feelings and what came up during session and classes. Read inspirational materials, listen to calming music, walking outside. Take soothing baths with epsom salts, baking soda, and seasalt. (1/2 c. each). Add your favorite essential oils, perhaps lavender or chamomile to the bath.

Simplify your environment

Make room for the new you by cleansing objects (everything from the windows in your home to your clothes or crystals) and reducing clutter. This supports your healing process by shifting your living, work, and sacred space. Tidy up your bedroom to enhance deep sleep that is necessary for lasting rejuvenation.

Near Infared Heat Lamp treatments, sauna, coffee enemas, and PEMF treatments are other cleansing and restorative processes.

Reiki Self care treatments are a helpful addition to boost overall health. Kundalini Yoga classes support cleansing breathing skills, stress management, and Vitality.

Be in nature or listen to the sounds of nature, especially running water.

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