Ascension Tea


As our consciousness expands and DNA develops fully, our nervous system can use support for the adjustments of embracing conscious embodied living. Ascension Tea is a unique blend of organic and wild flowers and herbs hand gathered and air dried by Herbalist Dr. Linda Kingsbury. She has been active in the human potential movement since 1980. Attending the Harmonic Convergence gathering at Mt. Shasta in 1987 and participating in 11:11 Gatherings solidified her commitment to being of service as a Lightworker for all creation. She has walked the path of devotion to Source listening to receive guidance and earth reverence songs.

This unique blend especially intended for Lightworkers, kundalini yoga practitioners, and others who need nervous system support as our frequency increases.  Sound and vibrational frequencies are shared with the plants during the growing, gathering, and processing stages of creating all Spirit Herbs Ascension products.

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This yummy tea contains:

Lemon Balm

pic of lemonbalm courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski via flickr




and Oatstraw which is a mineral rich nervous system support herb. 

Available as a bulk tea to make 40 cups or 20 tea bags for medicinal infusion strength teas. $22


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