Lavender and Spiritual Integration


Lavender is a wonderfully scented nervine that supports our nervous system. The healing powers are especially designed to have a positive effect on our head. Drinking teas and accessing the aromatherapy properties of lavender opens the crown chakra and enhances meditation. The closed lavender bud even resembles the pinecone like image of the pineal gland.

My Lavender is loving grown organically in North Idaho where the ratio of sun and rain and soil is perfect for producing premium quality blossoms. Harvested by hand in mid-July just before the buds burst open for the bees. Its actually the bees that keep me in tune with the perfect time to harvest. When they start buzzing amongst the lavender bushes, I know harvest day is near. I wait and watch for the Lavender to let me know. When I hear their call, I begin the process of gathering a handful at a time. I tie some in bundles on the spot.

Hanging the bundles upside down to dry allows the volatile oils to condense in the tips of the buds for optimal potency. While I leave some of the bundles ties for decoration, I prepare the rest for my herbal offerings of flower teas and tinctures.

Herbal Teas containing Lavender include Lavender Serenity, Ascension Flower Tea, Meditation chakra #7, and Moscow Mint.


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