Blessing Herbs


Linda offering plumeria flowers to the ocean in Maui prior to her morning swim.

Many earth-centered cultures around the world offer flowers as gratitude to the Ancestors, Plant Spirits, and the Divine. My grandmothers taught me to love being outside amongst the plants. They both had lovely flower gardens. I also learned to admire the sunrise and sunsets, the oceans, the birds, all of life. My Nez Perce friend Sharon taught me to make a tobacco offering when we saw a hawk or other delight. It was a way to honor Great Spirit for the simple things in life.

Those experiences inspired me to package some of the the organic and wild plants that I gather for your Blessing Herbs to be able to make simple offerings any time. All the blessings add up and the Mother Earth is pleased.

Organic and wild herbs gathered with prayerful respect for all creation. When you feel grateful for an experience or when gathering food and herbs, you can give thanks by sprinkling some blessing herbs on the earth. It is a way of feeding her Spirit. Available in a convenient muslin bag or reusable tin. $11

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