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Ascension Symptoms and What is Going On

When I say ascension, I am talking about living in an open hearted way with yourself and others as we circle around the sun. It is not about leaving the physical body and being spaced out.  It is about aligning with the magic and mystery of having a human incarnation now and being stable enough to being forward your unique contribution at this time. It is about being humble enough to learn and grow with other humans along the way. It is about seeing the highest good in all. It is about being disciplined enough to stay present as we expand. It is about aligning with what is working well and finding daily joy.

Are you having unexplained health issues? Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, lyme disease symptoms and some digestive issues can be your physiology naturally adjusting to the incoming vibrations of expansion. Especially if you are a highly sensitive person, you’ll need to be allowing more time for rest and processing. This is the journey of a healer and lightworker to know how to process emotions both your own and those you are picking up from other people. The magic is to feel compassion and the pleasure of relief to for your journey and this magnificent life you’ve been given.

Your physical body is adjusting to the high vibes of spiritual enlightenment, living from compassion in the present moment, and consciousness expansion. As our own personal electromagnetic magnetic body responds to the shifts of the sun, earth’s environmental changes, solar system, and multiverse. Our physical organs, muscles, joints are shifting to compensate for the higher vibratory rates inside your skin.

Employing compassion as your friend shifts from the old ways to the new ways that support your whole self. As you Wake Up, there are new lifestyle upgrades required where you pay more attention to your vibrational field. Allow your heart chakra to expand so all of your subtle energy center chakras can open and flow between earth and heaven. Be the vessel for embodied ascension.

What you resist persists. part of the journey is allowing yourself to feel your emotions deeply and process them, but not to get stuck there. Allow yourself a cycle of completion with your past so your awareness can move on to more openness, more joy, more aliveness. Make space for your dreams and visions to become reality.

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 Supportive Foods and Herbs 

  • Alkalinize your blood with fresh juices of all colors.
  • Add natural probiotics like sauerkraut to your daily consumption.
  • Eat steamed leafy green and non starchy cooked vegetables everyday. Work up to at each meal for optimal reorganization of gut health.
  • Gluten-free, Dairy-free, less sugar of all kinds, and nightshade-free eating can reduce all inflammations.
  • Drink ½ your body weight in Oz. of pure water per day.
  • Drink organic teas that assist in cleansing and rejuvenation. Click here for some of my favorites.
  • Aloe vera juice is great for third chakra solar plexus digestive issues. 2 oz. 2 x a day can heal ulcerative tissues in humans and pets. Good for urinary tract irritations as well.
  • More silence to listen to what foods, media, people, activities sustain your health now.
  • Regular Coffee enemas are a great benefit to cleanse your liver, digestive tract, improve your mood, and clear excess candida overgrowth from your system.
  • Allows eat the highest quality food available.
  • Natural pain relief for fibromyalgia symptoms includes internal arnica homeopathic tablets, Zyflamend brand herbal and supplement blend tablets, scullcap blend teas (Lavender Serenity and Stillpoint tincture that I make for sale). Topical relief can come from Hemp CBD salve, arnica homepathic gel, Ginger Muscle Rub essential oil blend that I make. (I’ll update purchasing links soon or go to my Etsy store or email me with your desired purchases)
  • Adrenal Fatigue responds well to Nettles or Schizandrae berry tea blends. Lots of rest, warm baths with your favorite essential oils or herbs, journaling, completing cycles of processing old emotions to avoiding compounded emotional fatigue. Attend one of my Thursday morning kundalini Yoga classes in Moscow Idaho to learn some stress busters.

Allow emotional wounds to heal

Of course it is important to pay attention to the signals that your emotions are giving you. Your emotions are simply information.

Move along the process of 1. Awareness of feelings, 2. Processing emotions, to 3. Solutions to 4. Resolution rather than getting stuck in a lifetime of simple awareness or processing. We are here to enjoy life. Sometimes intense clearing has to happen but there comes a day when it is time to move forward rather than jumping back into the pit. The length of this is different for everyone. Follow your own timing but keep open to future resolution in your own Spirit so you can create beauty, peace, and joy everyday.

Especially if you were bullied as a child, it seems natural to get into a pattern of subconsciously bullying ourselves by not completing the cycle of healing around an emotion wound. Get support in reclaiming your power and choosing to turn victim consciousness into creating the life of your dreams. When we bring compassion from our heart to all our emotions, we allow fear, doubt, and worry to integrate. We share our ascended heart energies with ourselves to shift loneliness, shame, judgement, and a sense of separation. We befriend the emotional part of our lives in balance with the physical, mental, and spiritual layers.

The main thing with e-motions is that the energy wants to move. Otherwise it stagnates, persists, and can condense into disease. What we resist persists. As time goes on you cannot hide from your secrets.

  • Love yourself enough to process what needs to be let go of so you can be in the new now.
  • Keep your energy moving with meditations, movement, conscious connection.
  • Create Affirmations and allow yourself to Vision what supports your desired state of being.
  • Listen to music and engage in activities that bring your joy.
  • Give space. Allow time for deep rest, integration, and assimilation. There is no rush.
  • The bottom line is to bring more body awareness. Tune into your sensations and how you are feeling with all that you encounter and do. Your emotions are connected to your Soul speaking to you.
  • Listen to your body and follow through with the necessary adjustments. Be humble enough to do the layers of work as they unfold. The often deeply painful processing gives rise to freedom.  Allow the stuck patterns in your DNA and lineage to heal and upgrade for all concerned. Here are some good journaling questions.
  • Ask When I do this how do I feel?
  • Am I covering feelings up to numb or feel better as a quick fix?
  • Am I really feeling nourished, free, alive, awake?
  • If all my needs were met, what would I do?
  • Ask What am uniquely here to do?
  • Who and what am I devoted to?

Meditation and Moving Energy

Here are several types of meditations that can be beneficial for your progress.

  • Passive – Relax and rest on the BEMER mat. This opens your awareness to electromagnetic energy flows in your body. Call to set up a session locally.
  • Gong Bath – vibrational and sound bath to keep chakra energy centers clear and flowing to optimize your use of the natural healing forces within and around you.
  • Visual Meditation – Running your energy to release blocks restores flow in your electro magnetic energy body. Strengthen your commitment to your spiritual self.
  • Mahamudra Movement Meditation to remove blocks, enhances listening within and to the Universe. (Shake 15 minutes-Dance 15 -Sit/Bow 15 -Rest 15)
  • Any dancing releases tension and open life force energy to your whole self
  • Walking outside. Allow all your 5 senses and metaphysical senses to open to the cycles, magic and mystery of all creation. Fresh air is important.
  • Being in natural sunlight predawn and at sunset for spectral healing.
  • Seasalt, baking soda, and epsom salts bath combinations soothe tired muscles and accept salty emotional processing tears.

Align with a High Vibe Tribe

  • Meet with like minded people where you are appreciated just as you are now.
  • Attend yoga, dance, or chi gong classes that increase mind-body awareness.
  • Learn to process your emotions through journaling, improving verbal communication and listening skills with the people in your life, receiving support from a mental health counselor when needed.
  • Acknowledge any numbing behaviors and opening up to heal them. This releases blockages and restore flow thus enhancing your own life force energy. Remember that guilt can be more toxic than any substance. Patience and compassion rule from an ascended consciousness.
  • Heal the addiction of co-dependency. Learn to set healthy boundaries.
  • Be with people who respect where you are and allow your process while maintaining their own sense of self. Share compassion by giving each other space and patience.

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This information is not a substitute for medical attention. Please seek appropriate health practitioners for your issues.

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