Miracle Radiant Tree


What a surprise to return after a vacation to visit my family in New England to find my Christmas Tree sprouting!!

I entered the dark living room and gasped in amazement when I could see the tips of the branches glowing in radiance. I walked across the room to switch the ceiling light on so I could see more clearly. When I turned around to see the light green new growth of the graceful boughs, my hand automatically went to my heart. How is this possible? I have never seen anything else like this in my 60 years this time on earth. This tree cut more than a month ago was sprouting like it was spring.

This fir tree was transplanted about 10 years ago from my front yard to the back. At the time it was planted, I did not consider the rate of growth. Over the years it grew to about 30 feet tall and was reaching over into the neighbors yard. The tree was calling my attention to itself this summer as I was teaching classes in the back yard. Though my property is surrounded by tall trees, this one was the tallest tree actually growing in my yard. It lived outside my bedroom window and I often gazed at the full moon through its encroaching branches.

It was harvested at dusk one night just before the first winter storm in Moscow. Adorned with gold and white lights the first night before gathering what few Christmas ornaments I could easily find. Crystals, bracelets, necklaces, and crystal were later added. My Gingerbread doll and holiday cards filled out the celebration of this tree. This miracle tree is still up and will remain so for a bit longer as a companion to my morning yoga and evening teatime.

I know that I can relax and settle into my joy and expanded heart connection with the pure energy beyond the physical experience of the tree. Its allowing the oneness with my souls experience of connection and the easy smile it brings to my face that matters. Though I sense and see the energy within and around the tree as a light-filled Being, made more apparent by the form of the tree, I can be present with it fully experiencing it without the limits of naming it.

May you be filled with delightful curiosity

about the magic and miracles of new growth in your life this year.

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