Testimonials – What clients and students say

“Once again we have reason to be grateful for your broad knowledge of herbs and healing and your passion for the gifts of the earth. Thank you for sharing your skills and talents with us.” In Peace, The Retreat Team at St. Gertrudes Monastery
“Your presentation last night was excellent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for herbal healing.” R.F. Breast Cancer Support Group

“Thank you for bringing me back to earth!!  I attended your workshop and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the uses of herbs. I particularly liked the meditation and art expression. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive at first but I realize how much it helped me to relax.” Regina

“Thank you for sharing your gifts with us this weekend. Your knowledge of the healing properties of plants clearly runs deep and is twinned with obvious love for creation – wonderful qualities to teach and model this weekend. Blessings on the good work you do.” St. Gertrude’s Retreat Team

“I know the training’s I have received from you and the Temple of Light have helped build a sound, solid and yet malleable foundation for my next steps. I appreciated how much I’ve grown in understanding and compassion through your teachings.” S.L.

“No amount of words can express the gratitude and joy that I have for the gift of your teachings. I cannot thank you enough for allowing yourself to be a vessel of light and love. That vessel was used to help show me I could make the choice to live.” P.M.

“Thank you for teaching me to forgive myself and that my behavior was learned and not character flaws. I feel a lot more at ease with myself and my life journey.” S.B.

“I am now a firm believer in the adage When the student is ready a teacher appears. We are all so grateful you chose to be our teacher. I know I have much more to learn and I am really looking forward to it.” K.H.

“I am so glad to have you teaching at my school. Thank you for doing such an excellent job.” Turning Point School

“Thank you for your workshop on Sunday. The students seemed to really enjoy it.” Moscow School of Massage

“I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture.” Ann

“I learned a lot in your seminar. Thanks for feeding me spiritual food.” Patricia

“I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the seminar very much. The meditation at the end brought out a resonance that kept me going for the rest of the day.” Billy

“Thank you for the wonderful program you presented at our P.E.O. meeting. Your presentation was excellent and introduced our members to the many benefits of aromatherapy. Thank you for sharing your expertise.” K.U.

“I attended  your lecture and found it wonderfully enlightening.” M.M.

“Thank you kind Doctor of the Universe.” C.A.


“I am blessed by your light, touch, personality, and intelligence. Thank you for who you are and the journey you are on. You are a rich resource for all who cross your path in life.”

“I appreciate you more than words can say.”

“Your guidance has opened our souls and transformed our path together.”

“I’m so grateful for the light you shine, the love you give, and the strength of your warrior’s heart. And I am so grateful for the wisdom and insight you have shared with me…you have given so much more than you ever know. Thank you for being you, and for all the ways you have helped me learn how to be Me. The Psyschic Healing and Clairvoyant classes with you were, are, will ever be one of the most meaningful things Ive done on this earthwalk…it has literally saved my life and soul more than once.”

“Thank you for your wonderful products and care.”

“Thought about the wonderful work you do with horses, your medicinal herbs and how much all these things mean to the world, knowing your strings of love is connected to all you do.The love you give through all you do has a beautiful butterfly effect to all who you serve unwavering is a sweet sweet blessing.”

“With your sweet guidance my back pain has reduced significantly. My courage in establishing boundaries is becoming easier everyday. We are working side by side to heal our wounds and be comfortable in our commitments to each other. You are very important in our lives and we are grateful for your gifts.”

“This summer has been really interesting and wonderful with all that I have learned from you. I have always appreciated your knowledge and depth of healing insights. It has been soooo cool all you have shared with how flowers talk.”

“You have an amazing presence. You are an amazing teacher with a bright and playful spirit. You have profoundly and forever changed my life in a wonderful positive way.”

“Your dedication to your values and authenticity is beautiful and inspiring. Growing and evolving in your course and presence is life changing.”

“You are such an amazing Goddess. I am so grateful to have taken this class, I can’t tell you enough how much I thank you for all the gifts you have bestowed on me and my family…You inspire me to be a better person.”

“Thank you for helping me and my family.”






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