Nourish your Radiant Body with Chakra Flower Teas


Spirit Herbs Chakra Flower Teas

Organic . Wild . Hand gathered . Air dried


Our chakras act as energetic portals between our physical body and the Universe. When they are in a healthy state, we feel in sycronistic alignment with our Soul purpose. We are able to give and receive our love with the community. We feel grounded and a sense of deep connection to the natural world. We are able to take action on health enhancing practices, and feel like we live regularly with a clear mind, calm body, and open heart. A cool thing is that science now shows that our physical body actually has nerve bundles along our spine that relate to the chakras that yogis have experienced since the beginning of time.

I first began working with the connection between herbs and the chakras when I was in psychic school in Portland in the late 1980’s. I was a Herbalist first, then when I was doing psychic readings, herbs would come forward for me to share with clients to keep their chakras moving so they could benefit from Universal life force energy. This led to the creation of Spirit Herbs Chakra Elixirs to fill the need.

Now skip ahead, with 30 more years of working with subtle energies, and my desire to share the beautiful flowers that I grow organically and gather wild for you in these lovely teas. Here’s more about the intent and spiritual properties of the herbs behind each tea. We’ll start with the root Chakra for grounding since our earth journey is about learning how to anchor our spiritual energy in our physical body.


Root Chakra #1

Earth Connection Peony Flower Blend

Feel comfortable settling into the loving arms of Mother Earth and ground into this earthly incarnation. When assistance is needed in making big life changing decisions regarding work, home, and relationships a cup of Earth Connection tea can support your clarity. Peony is the High Priestess card in the Herbal Tarot encouraging us to tune into our inner wisdom for our answers to life’s pressing questions. Nettles nourishes the nervous system and adrenals during times of overwhelm, helping  to relax into what feels right for our own body. Dandelion root and Fennel seeds are digestive herbs that support grounding into assimilation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This yummy tea contains Organic: Peony petals, Nettle leaves, Dandelion root, Fennel Seeds.


Sacral Chakra #2

Creativity Calendula Flower Blend

A cup of warming Creativity Tea rekindles the fire of our ability to create with passion. Receive the pleasure and joy in the service of bringing unique gifts forward to share with our earth community. Calendula is a mild antibacterial herb that also clears energetic debris that gets in the way of taking action on our unique gifts. Alfalfa provides the nutrients needed to succeed with its high chlorophyll, vitamin, and mineral content. It is the King of Pentacles card in the Herbal Tarot, supporting each person in being their own stable authority.  Cinnamon helps us to reach out to other people for comfort and connection. Orange peel and Cardamom seeds support integration of life’s changes. As Yoda says ” Always in motion is the future.” This popular yummy Chai-like tasting tea contains Organic:  Calendula flowers, Alfalfa leaves, Orange peel, Cinnamon chips, Cardamom seeds.


Solar Plexus Chakra #3

Empowerment Chamomile Flower Blend

A cup of Empowerment tea a day can boost healthy self-confidence. Mint gives us the energetic clarity and stamina to Shine our Light. It helps us to assimilate all of our experiences in a way that is easy to take action on. Chamomile flowers supports peace of mind. This tea is useful for digestive upsets and headaches as well. This tea is safe for all ages and popular with kids before bedtime. This yummy tea contains Organic: Chamomile flowers, Spearmint leaves and Peppermint leaves blend.


Heart Chakra #4

Compassion Rose Flower Blend

Allow organic roses to support cultivation of unconditional love for our human self and all creation with Compassion Tea. Sweet and delicate Linden flowers help us develop patience and compassion on our earth journey. During times when we are processing our past, Lemon Balm is our soothing friend. Our heart opens as we allow ourselves to bathe in a shower of self forgiveness. Hawthorne is a traditional heart health herb. This yummy tea contains Organic and wild: Rose petals, Lemon Balm leaves and flowers, Linden flowers and leaves, Hawthorne flowers and leaves.


Throat Chakra #5

Communication Red Clover Flower Blend

Communication Tea is great to share with clients and loved ones. It supports or development of both honest communication and listening with love. Detoxifying Red Clover opens our throat chakra so we can articulate deep feelings without blame or shame. Elder flowers help us to move forward in our enlightenment and not to be bound by past numbing oppressive survival ways of “don’t talk, don’t think, don’t feel.” The other herbs in this blend support our smooth transition into healthy ways of communicating to build bridges for supportive relationships. This yummy tea contains Organic and wild: Red clover leaves and flowers, Elder flowers, Chickweed, Marshmallow leaves and flowers, Plantain leaves.

Brow Chakra #6

Intuition Motherwort Flower Blend

Navigating the path of intuition includes learning to decipher messages from our Higher Self and developing a relationship with Spirit Guides. Motherwort eases anxiety and supports our “lion-hearted” actions as we learn to blend our intuition and intellect. It strengthens our intuitive antennae. Oregano and Gotu Kola gives us stamina and intelligent decision-making abilities for the journey. Rosemary increases circulation to the brain and aligns us with the neutral place in the center of our head, the “third eye”. This yummy tea contains Organic: Oregano leaves and flowers, Gotu Kola leaves, Rosemary, Motherwort leaves and flowers.



#7 Crown Chakra

Meditation Lavender and Yarrow Flower Blend

Located near the top of our head, the Crown Chakra relates to the ability of experiencing peace of mind and direct revelation. Lavender supports relaxing into meditation to develop a personal connection to the Divine within and around us. Vervain improves our ability to focus. Wood Betony helps us sort our messages and Soul yearnings. Yarrow flowers create a protective umbrella of light that allows light and love in and keeps negativity out. Skullcap is the Star card in the herbal tarot allowing us to catch the dreams of our Soul and bring them to earth. It gives us patience to wait for the “hand of God/Goddess” to direct us as our dreams are flowing in the perfect timing to manifest in the river of life. This yummy tea contains Organic: Vervain, Wood Betony, Skullcap, Lavender flowers, Yarrow flowers.


To make a perfect cup of Spirit Herbs Flower tea:

To make a beverage style tea, steep the herbs for 3-5 minutes in a glass container of hot water where they can float around. This allows the most interface and absorption between the plant material and the hot water. For a medicinal quality tea, I recommend steeping the herbs for about 20 minutes. After the steeping time, strain off the herbs and compost them or dry them for future blessing herbs. Enjoy Spirit Herbs Chakra Flower Teas hot or cold. It’s fun to make sun teas when the weather is warm by placing 1 teaspoon dried herbs per cup of water in a glass jar and let it absorb spectral healing rays of the sun for a few hours.

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