Harmonize Emotions with Hooponopono



Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian ancient sacred practice of conflict resolution used in mending relationship within families, in business, and communities. I practice the Ho’oponopono to clear out conditioned thought patterns or emotional blocks that are getting in my way of receiving support and accepting harmony. I know all the issues that arise are opportunities for me to cleanse my own energy. I take responsibility for all that happens in my world and practice the ho’oponopono mantra to be neutral and open to life. I repeat until I feel relief.

  1. I love you. (Divine Love)
  2. I’m sorry. (Repentance)
  3. please forgive me. (Forgiveness)
  4. thank you. (Gratitude)

I Allow space to reconnect to God the Infinite True Sustainer of source love everyday. For example:

  1. I align by saying “I love you” to the Divine.
  2. I say “I’m sorry when I forget that your source love is always present within and around me”.
  3. I say “please forgive me for forgetting and I humbly open my heart again and again with each breath of remembrance”.
  4. I say “thank you for your sustaining patience and for the gift of my life to learn and grow”.

We can also apply the 4 steps of Ho’oponoono to conflict with family members, coworkers, and friends for present time and past events that could benefit from people being in a neutral and centered space rather than communicating from pure logic or emotional excess.

  1. When you feel triggered by a present event that stirs up a past memory and a related old reaction, this is a great time to silently or out load do a few rounds of the 4 steps and notice both yourself and the other people involved soften and shift into more open present time authentic heart felt communication.
  2. Many people are taking this opportunity to rise with the planetary frequencies to pure heart love. Repeating the 4 phrases like a mantra to yourself and to an image of the other people involved in the past cleanses your psyche and frees you to move from surviving to thriving.
  3. Perhaps introduce the concept of Ho’oponopono to your Human Resources person at work as a reconciliation and mediation technique.
  4. The 4 phrases can be applied to the land, your house, your car, your pets, everything in life to neutralize and bless the energy and watch results unfold on the physical plane. Open your heart to healing and be creative. Enjoy living in the flow of authentic communication, emotional intelligence, and harmony.

For more about Dr Len who popularized Hooponopono and a supportive online course check out the links below.

Also a couple of links about Dr Len https://bluebottlelove.com/hew-len-hooponopono/

This is the informative online course that I took online awhile ago with Dr Len and Joe Vitale http://www.hooponoponocertification.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwoKDXBRAAEiwA4xnqv9f8K9BliMoVO6qN5MOXSHGECYWvxZEYjxNsrGykqCSofL3GpsH1IRoCcDgQAvD_BwE

The picture above is from this colorful Mana cards by Catherine Kalama Becker PhD and Doya Nardin:

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