Earth Day Herb Specials


In celebration of Earth Day, I am offering free shipping on all herb orders placed from April 22 – April 30, 2018.

And here’s what’s new:

I have created some fun Chakra Aroma Roll-ons in a glycerine base with therapeutic grade essential oil concentrates. With scents like Cedar Atlas, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tangerine, Frankincense and Lavender, these work great anytime as a fragrance or you can apply to specific chakra areas for energy medicine benefits. Only $15 each.

I also made a couple of new Aroma Sprays for uplifting the mood in your car, workspace, or home. Harmony is made with the light sweet fragrance of Rose Geranium. Sensuality with Ylang Ylang is light and uplifting. Wake-Up has essential oils of organic Lemon and Peppermint for focus and alertness.  Great when driving long distances or as an aromatherapy pick-me-up. $15 for 1 oz blue spray bottle.

And last but not least a coupe of new tincture combinations. Energizer is a Chinese inspired adaptogen tonic with Astragalus root, Schizandrae berries, and Eleuthero Ginseng roots. This adrenal formula helps you cope with physical and mental stressors. New research shows the importance of Astragalus root for well being and healthy aging due its positive effect on telomeres (keeps chromosomes healthy). Sold in 1 oz bottle with dropper for $15.

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