Herbal Teas for Recovery Support


Rose Relaxing Tea

Let the colors, tastes, textures, and healing properties of organic mindfully cared for and gathered herbs support you on your journey. These herbal teas are great for building resiliency in these changing times. Whether you are choosing these herbs for their physical, emotional, or spiritual qualities, Idaho Herbs and Spirit Herbs Organic Flower Teas buying these teas helps me to be of service by sharing my love for the plant kingdom.

Calendula Morning Tea


Physical Benefits: This popular tea for Liver support also has anti-inflammatory herbs. Antibacterial and anti-yeast Calendula keeps digestive yeast in balance and reduces pelvic inflammation. Dandelion root is a traditional liver cleansing herb. Peppermints antispasmodic properties reduces intestinal cramps and gas. A cup in the morning supports regular cleansing and elimination.

Emotional benefits: When a liver supportive herb like Dandelion root is blended with a mint herb, it is traditionally known to lift one’s mood. Dandelion also helps ease anger. Calendula flowers relieves irritability. Peppermint supports developing a positive self-esteem and the courage to overcome obstacles.

Spiritual Benefits: These 3 herbs, Dandelion root, Calendula, and peppermint support the Earth Chakras enhancing grounding, creativity, and empowerment.

Contains Organic: Dandelion root, Calendula flowers, Peppermint leaves.

Available in 8 oz jar of bulk herbs to make about 40 cups of yummy tea. Because the herbs are air dried and potent, you can often get another batch of tea by steeping the herbs a second time.

What customers say: “I looove this tea!”, “I had a headache and it went away when I drank it”, “It has so much energy”.

Rose Relaxing Tea

IMG_0992Physical Benefits:Refreshing and relaxing heart healthy herbs. Sweet scent of roses and Linden flowers with a touch of Lemon balm to soothe tired minds and bodies. Supports the nervous system.

Emotional Benefits: Lemon Balm is an excellent choice to balance moods. This natural oxytocin boosting herb blended with Linden flowers and Rose petals improves positive connections and enhances a sense of belonging.

Spiritual Benefits: Lemon Balm supports  assimilating past life experiences. Access your accumulated wisdom to enhance your life now. Rose opens your Heart Chakra and increases compassion for yourself and others.

Made with Organic: Lemon Balm, Linden Flowers, Rose Petals. 100% grown in Moscow ID

Available in 8 oz jar of bulk herbs to make about 40 cups of yummy tea.

What customers say about this number 1 selling tea: “So light and delicate”, “It smells so good.” , “Relaxing. I slept so well.”

Lavender Serenity Tea

Physical Benefits: Nervous system support for a calm body and focused mind. Nettles is a wonderful adrenal tonic and Oat-straw nourishes frazzled nerves. Lemon has been used for generations to balance moods and for heart health. Just the right amount of relaxing Lavender flowers makes this tea delicious hot or cold.

Emotional Benefits: When you feel emotionally overwhelmed or like you have been through emotional upheaval, reach for herbal formula with Nettles and supportive herbs.

Spiritual Benefits: Rest and relax to reset your neutral mind. Supports you in relaxing into meditation and trusting your guidance. Lavender flowers activates the Pineal gland.
Contains Organic: Oat tops, Nettle leaves, Lemon balm, Lavender flowers. 50% grown in Oregon, 50% grown in Idaho

Available in 8 oz jar of bulk herbs to make about 40 cups of yummy tea.

What customers say: “Wow, great Lavender scent.”

Rosemary Memory Tea

Physical Benefits: A delightful blend of memory boosting and antioxidant herbs with a hint of Lemongrass. Refreshing to drink hot or cold. Oregano helps to ease inflammation response and pain. Rosemary is high in natural to assimilate calcium and stimulates HCL so can be helpful for digestion. A caffeine free way to stay focused and alert throughout the afternoon.

Emotional Benefits: When emotional endurance is needed reach for Oregano.

Spiritual Benefits: Rosemary connects us to the support from Wise Woman traditions of honoring the Divine Mother.

Contains Organic: Oregano flower and leaves, Rosemary, Lemongrass.

Available in 8 oz jar of bulk herbs to make about 40 cups of yummy tea.

What customers say: “Love the lemongrass taste”, “Clears my mind.” “Gives me a boost of energy.” “My Mom loves it.”

Red Clover Detox Tea

red clover patchPhysical Benefits:Cleanses the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. Red Clover is a traditional blood purifying and cooling herb that helps relieve excess mucous from your system. Pau d’arco is another blood purifying herb that has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which offers deep cleansing especially if your system has an increase of Candida due to eating sugar or excess fruits. Burdock root traditionally cleanses the gallbladder, liver, kidneys and releases excess acid from the body. This formula is beneficial for any skin eruptions and has been beneficial for clients with eczema.

Emotional Benefits: Burdock root digs deep into your cells and assists with processing stuck emotions, resentments, and out dated thoughts. Red clover helps to give words to buried emotions and support honest communication.

Spiritual Benefits: Fennel Seeds help to relax your stomach for optimal assimilation and grounding into   your physical body. They also help relieve intestinal gas.  Red clover helps to open the throat chakra so you can speak your truth as a way to purify and uplift your life.

Contains Organic: Red Clover, Pau d’arco, Burdock root, Fennel Seeds, Rosehips.

Available in 8 oz jar of bulk herbs to make about 40 cups of yummy tea.

What customers say: “My favorite Detox tea.”, “I feel better already.”

Moscow Mint Tea


Physical Benefits: A unique blend of Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Lavender flowers. A nice after dinner tea to soothe digestion. Makes a pleasant tasting tea hot or cold. Nature made this blend when these herbs all grew together in my garden one year. Instead of separating them from each other I took the “hint” and bottled the blend.

Emotional Benefits: Supports assimilation of experiences and ideas for positive action.

Spiritual Benefits: Solar plexus Third Chakra support. Supports tuning into your Divine Guidance and giving you the energy to manifest your dreams.

Contains Organic: Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, and lavender flowers

Available in 8 oz jar of bulk herbs to make about 20 cups of yummy tea.

What customers say: “Bring us more!” This is a popular tea at the Moscow Food Coop Deli by the cup. “My daughter loves it.”

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