Herbals for Dolphin Bliss


Dolphin Bliss Gem Elixir Blend + Dolphin Assimilation Essential Oil + Dolphin Flower Tea


Dolphin Bliss Gem Elixir Blend

.5 oz. liquid concentrate $22


Dolphin Bliss Elixir was the first product inspired by my dolphin friends. After swimming with the rough toothed dolphins in Costa Rica in December 2004, I needed help integrating my accelerated consciousness expansion with the day to day details of being in the 3D world. I asked for support from the dolphins and they gave me the Bliss Elixir formula in a dream one night.

If you’ve had the privilege of swimming with wild dolphins you know your life will never be the same again. Even hearing their clicks and whistles creates extraordinary changes on our physical and psychic physiology. Visits from the dolphins in dreamtime can awaken multidimensional realities. When you need support in downloading what they are giving you, or would like to integrate the rocking and spinning, Spirit Herbs Dolphin Elixir can help.

The Dolphin Elixir is also a carrier of the dolphin bliss experience and helps your awakening cells align with the full potential of that energy. It is a way for the expanded consciousness, light, love, and joy of the dolphin community to be shared. The Dolphins gave it to me so that more people can carry this vibration to bring healing to themselves and the planet. It raises the frequency of all who experience it. It works on a cellular level to assist your DNA in anchoring higher energies in your physical body. It creates a shift in consciousness so that you can honor your power to choose what thought forms or emotional patterns rule you. Using the Dolphin Bliss Elixir quickens your return to a grounded heart space and compassionate action during times of crisis or disharmony.

The elixir contains: An organic herbal tincture, 2 gem elixirs, and 2 flower essences, plus the vibration of my ecstasy gained from being in the water surrounded by the frequency of the rough toothed dolphins and their sonar, clicks, and whistles.

On a psycho spiritual level the formula ingredients work as follows: The organic rosemary tincture works with the brain cells to improve the transmission of impulses between the neurotransmitters. It strengthens and stabilizes new pathways of awareness. Since it is a gift from the prehistoric rough toothed dolphins I believe that it also helps us to reconnect old brain pathways that may have been dormant but are now needed to maintain our ability to live on this planet with our multidimensional senses open. The gold gem elixirs helps to solidify this frequency in the cells and the aura. The Herkimer diamond gem elixir helps to integrate the many facets of living on the earth in human form. The Dill flower essence assists with cooperation within a group as well as honoring your unique place in the group and accepting the gifts that you do have to offer. It also helps you to receive assistance and support from others. One way the dolphins work is that whoever is the strongest at that time is the one that is the leader. The Aloe flower essence strengthens our life force and gives us the stamina to move forward. It also helps you to receive assistance and support from others. This helps you to create your own form of dolphin community.

Easy to use: The formula is a concentrate in an alcohol base and is intended to be diluted. A little goes a long way. To use it homeopathically, add 1-2 drops to 4 oz. of water. The water can be taken internally, placed in a spray bottle for an aura or room mist, added to a jar or small bowl of water to bring harmony to locations within your home, office, car, or town. Adding the diluted drops to local bodies of water will transmute the water by raising the vibration to that of the healing thoughts and images of the dolphin experience.

Since the creation of Dolphin Bliss Elixir I have heard many positive stories and accounts from satisfied users of the Elixir. Psychics report being able to feel the joyful and positive energy emanating from it. I take it before and after my trips swimming with the dolphins and at other times when I need extra support with integration of higher frequency states of energy. The Elixir is also useful after Reiki attunements and during 21 day cleanses.


Dolphin Assimilation Essential Oil

Dolphin Assimilation Essential Oil .5 oz. concentrate $35


This unique blend of 4 pure essential oils helps you assimilate your experiences as you move between dimensions. External use. Anoint hands and feet, top of head, solar plexus. I received this formula after swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii in 2005.

More about Dolphin Assimilation Essential Oil By Herbalist Linda Kingsbury Ph.D.

As an Herbalist and Aromatherapist, I reach to the plant kingdom when I need support. So naturally upon return from another dolphin trip, this time with the wild spinner dolphins off the Kona Coast area in Hawaii, I asked the dolphins to guide me to the plants that would help me now.

As well as using the Dolphin Elixir above by adding the drops to water or directly in my mouth, I felt guided to co-create an essential oil blend for people who do not want to take the herbs internally. The Dolphins channeled through me, a wonderful combination of Vetiver roots with its sweet woodsy scent, blending with the warm comforting scent of cinnamon, the light uplifting scent of tangerine, and the balancing effect of pure Lavender essential oil. This formula helps your root, navel, throat, and crown chakras to work together assisting you in anchoring higher dimensional experiences in a way so that you can take practical action and well as communicate about your experiences. Anoint top of head, soles of feet, and hands…back of neck anywhere that feels like it needs it…Breathe deep and enjoy.

I use high quality pure essential oils to create this blend for you to use for your body and home. To make an aroma mist add 10 drops of essential oil concentrate per 1 oz. of water to bring this sensual scent to any room.

People LOVE the scent of this unique blend of pure essential oils that seems to transport them to another place where it is easy to breathe in and take a deep sigh of thankfulness increasing the ability to enjoy the bliss of aliveness at this time. It is wonderful to anoint pulse points or even to use as a relaxing fragrance. This is the concentrate refill for the Dolphin Aura Mist.


Dolphin Flower Tea

glass jar of premium organic tea.

makes 44 cups of yummy tea $22


The light scent and flavor of organic lemongrass make this antioxidant tea yummy and healing. I grow the Oregano and gather in its prime during the hot summer in north Idaho. Rosemary is the great herb of remembering. It helps you remember the blissful times of your life which can carry you through the times of deeper emotional processing. This tea is popular to strengthen the mind, heart, and spirit and the joy of belonging.


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