Costa Rica Dolphin Light Adventures


This is from my journal during a Costa Rican Wild Dolphin Retreat a few years ago. Enjoy and let me know if you’d like to join me on Dolphin Light Adventure adventure.

Over the River and through the woods

I love traveling in the tropics and eating the bright colored juicy fresh fruit. There is nothing quite like sweet RIPE papaya, watermelon, and pineapple chopped and blended for a simple refreshing breakfast salad. Our fruit was accompanied by a slice of a rich bread pudding-like treat with a caramel sauce made by the chef at Pura Vida B & B in Alahuela, Costa Rica.

A young man named Sterling, who just started a tourist cab business with his family, drove us to the airport where we’d catch a flight to the jungle eco-lodge. He practiced his English with us as he drove us gingerly to the next step of our journey. Once on the tiny plane, we rose up above then dropped down over the Talamanca mountain range and there it was. The long awaited Osa Pennisula coast sparkling with luminous shades of “Caribbean” blue colored water where the vast ocean met the jungle shore. I knew I would be feeling it soon and connected to deep peace setting in. The long hours of travel were well worth it.  I’d soon be feeling the loving embrace of warm salty ocean water on my skin and the freedom of movement the sea so easily provides.

After the topographical tour of the area, we landed on a dusty dirt runway at Drake Bay. A sturdy old white Landcruiser gave us a bumpy ride along the deeply grooved dried mud jungle road punctuated by traversing through a not-so-shallow river. My eyes were absorbing the sights, smells, and sensations of being surrounded by new plant friends. Was that a Pau D’arco tree in the distance? Curiosity filled my mind, body, and soul. I felt like a kid filled with anticipation and excitement for this new adventure.

I rolled up my pant legs and introduced my toes to the warm salty mother of all creation. Ahhh, I paused for a long moment with an expansive quiet smile filling my face. Sinking into the soft sand curving to the arches in my feet was divine. Silky smooth life-filled fluid danced around my ankles. Since there were no wooden docks, the motorboats waited patiently beached in the sand. After we boarded, The crew of two, guided the boat out into the ocean with the flow of the waves.  I was a smiling passenger on the exhilarating boat ride that took us to the sandy beach at the base of Delfin Amor Lodge.

Water Rescue

My belongings…almost floated out to sea… along with me

Today I was reminded again about the strength and power of the ocean. I grew up on the east coast of the United States and regularly visited my Grandparents in Newport Rhode Island. My Grandma taught me to play in the ocean and after many mouthfuls of salty Atlantic water I learned to swim. Now I love the carefree sensation of floating in the open salt water. I feel like a dolphin when I can spin, and swirl my arms and legs in playful patterns. So here I was, after many months of planning, actually IN the desired waters of Costa Rica. I leaned back and surrendered to Mama Ocean holding me.

When my mind is in a calm place, it is psychically neutral and I feel Spirit moving through nature connecting me to all. As I floated, I sensed a whale in the distance. I began to drift out towards it. The next thing I knew a large swell of water flowed under me and lifted me up. I turned towards shore and watched a huge wave crash along the shore gathering my beach bag and belongings in its wake. Have you ever carefully set your belongings in a seemingly far from the oceans reach only to see them later bobbing up and down in the curling waves?

I made a quick energy shift from floating to using a lot of effort rushing out of the water to rescue my things from the thirsty waves. I saw my hat drifting out beyond the edge of where I knew I could swim to, but I still decided to go for it. Being winded from the quick shift of relaxing a few minutes earlier to moving fast through the water, I was having a hard time catching my breath in the rolling ocean, with the hat still a few arm lengths away. The tide was carrying me out and there was a moment of tired panic as I thought, “Should I leave the heat and risk getting sunburned, my fair English skin is sensitive to sunlight, or swim safely back to shore?” I rested for a moment then gave one more burst towards reaching the hat. Ahhh, mission accomplished. Hat in hand, I swam parallel to the shore catching my breath before my toes touched the sandy ocean floor.

My friend Carol had recovered my sand filled canvas bag, snorkel gear, towel, and water-swollen journal and set it on higher ground. After rinsing a lot of the sand out, and a quick inventory, I noticed my sunglasses were gone. I knew my light blue eyes would not tolerate many days without sunglasses. In this jungle retreat only reached by footpaths or boat, I knew there was not a convenient replacement nearby. Luckily Carol ran along the shore and found them being tossed by the waves.

Though my journal expanded with the ocean water, it dried out sufficiently enough over the days to write in, but my hat never recovered enough to wear it. Luckily I had lots of sunscreen and a baseball cap, and my sunglasses (thanks Carol). In the end, I realized I should have let the hat drift out to sea. It never did return to its pliability and comfortable size so I left it for a future visitor perhaps a child. It reminded me of a time when a sweater accidentally made it into the dryer and shrunk to fit my young niece. It was an interesting lesson for me to learn about letting go of attachments…and it was only the first day learning from the ocean-lined jungle.

The sun was setting and we were ready to head back to the lodge to freshen up before dinner. We did not recognize the beach we were on from the morning landing so we headed along the worn jungle trail looking for Delfin Amor Lodge through the trees. As we walked along the darkening jungle path, I saw a couple of significant natural markers that I new I would have remarked about if I had passed them before; trees on a small land out cropping in the ocean, and a strong thick odd shaped tree trunk that reached far into the jungle canopy. At one point we both stopped, silenced by the presence of a large “cat” spirit. We spoke of Jaguar and were guided to turn around and walk the other way before darkness set in. We followed the next trimmed path we found and walked up to the open sided lodge, but it was not Delfin Amor where we were staying. A sense of vulnerability arose since it was getting darker and I felt lost in a the unknown jungle.

Thankful for studying Spanish for two years in high school along with repeatedly listening to a Speak in a Week CD for a few weeks before the Costa Rican adventuren, I earnestly called out, “Donde esta Delfin Amor?” The man leaned over the railing on the towering platform enveloped by the green flora and motioned with his waving arm in the same direction we were walking. He said something I did not quite understand. Surrounded by the quickening darkness, knowing my eyesight is not that sharp in the black of night, I nervously yelled into the deepening darkness, “Quantos minutos?” He replied “Dos”, and I laughed as we huried back down to the jungle path, around the corner to the gateway and up the hibiscus-lined stairs that led us to Delfin Amor Ecolodge.

The relaxing shower that I was looking forward to never happened. When choosing an Ecolodge, when it says private showers in each cabana, don’t get too excited unless it says hot shower. Being a person who does not appreciate the shock of cold water, which aggravates Fibromyalgia, I avoided the showers that week. My friend still laughs at the thought of my long curly hair washed only with salty ocean water, which gave me a crazy island living look.

Each night the group of international Eco lodge guests met in the jungle dining room. As I looked around the table it was obvious who had been swimming with the dolphins that day. While newcomers chattered, people who were filled with experience of swimming with wild dolphins, had an ear to ear grin and peaceful love bubbling in their energy field. It was as if they were floating in an orgasmic sea of blissful oneness. No need for words, just beaming with dolphin frequencies. Whew what a relief for me as an empath and clairvoyant psychically sensitive person to be around others who transmitted telepathically rather than excessively verbal questions and answers like many people. A simple radiant smile from the heart and sparkling eyes was enough.

After dinner it was time to return to our cabanas for a restful sleep before an early morning breakfast and call to embark on the boat for the day. The symphony of critters both small and large along with the ocean waves in Drake Bay created a truly miraculous sound healing experience every night. When asked the next more how I slept, I said “I allowed the jungle sounds to penetrate my cells for deep DNA healing”. The “jungle jam” rose above the individual notes into a magical resonance of all the sounds blending together which provided a unique “white noise” as I drifted off to sleep. Their voices vibrated away thoughts or feelings that took me out of my loving heart space or created separation from my soul.  This nightly deep cleansing provided a renewal process that helped me to be present in the moment as each day unfolded.

Swimming with the Rough Toothed Dolphins

Each night Carol and I drew an inspirational card from The Dolphin Cards by Doreen Virtue. The card that I received last night was “Break Free”. In the cards, Doreen says ”When you make the commitment to explore and learn, the world responds by giving you new wonderful experiences.”

Roy, our Marine Biology Guide taught me how to dive deeper in the with water with the dolphins through breathing in a different way with the snorkel. Today I would try it.

On the way out into our expansive blue ocean playground we saw Hump back whales and their babies, turtles, sailfish, and spotted dolphins. We could only get into the water with the dolphins when they choose to play with the boat. They communicate this by swimming along the bow and following the boat when the captain travels in circles. We are all ecstatic when we came upon a playful pod. To Roy’s surprise the ones that were engaging today were rough toothed dolphins, who do not usually care to interact with humans.

Snorkel and flippers on, I slip off the side of the boat and into the dolphin filled water. Clicks and whistles surround me as I open my senses and merge with the underwater world. I swam easily, quickly, actually with a lightening like speed as they pulled me through the water. This phenomena is called entrainment, a process of shape shifting or matching the energy of those near you. It was as if they were carrying me along in an energy beam, like being beamed up in Star Trek. Moving through the water was effortless. My breathing was steady. They were swimming fast. When they were out of my sight and sound, I put my ahead above water to see the Captain Roy, giving me above the water directions optimizing my interaction.

With this dolphin experience in the middle of the Pacific Ocean off the Osa peninsula on the west coast of Coast Rica, I was deeply immersed in the present moment of dolphin bliss. At one point, as the larger pod of dolphins were swimming away, I decided to do some energy work to experiment with communicating with them. I tuned into Divine light energy coming in through my crown chakra and sending it out my first heart chakra, then my throat chakra, and lastly my brow chakra one at a time to see what beam of energy the dolphins responded to the most. I was in the flow of Universal wisdom. Swimming, breathing, connecting, beaming light from my forehead as if I was wearing a camping headlamp.  When I was sending light out from my 6th chakra, to my delight, one turned back to check out the source of the energy. I was ecstatic knowing that my message was eceived through the water. I called it the one who responded the Dolphin of Invitation.

Join Our Pod

Dolphin of Invitation sent me a message to join them, to go deeper into their city of light. At that moment, I had to make a conscious choice not to follow them, but to return to the surface of the water. I was out of human breath and floated to the sun-lite surface. Ecstatic from the experience, I took the snorkel out of my mouth and lifted the mask off. I floated in my bliss for a few moments basking in the dolphin-human telepathic communication. As I looked around, I saw the boat bobbing up and down in the distance. Did I follow the dolphins that far away? I hear the Captain calling and waving me to come back to the boat. I paused a moment considering the Dolphin of Invitation offer. I knew that if I dove again, that I would be swimming deeper into the world of the dolphins and my earthly existence would cease. I chose my human life.

Riding back on the boat into the sunset and towards the lodge, I made a deal with the dolphins to share their Lessons of Light with people. Since that time I have led people through interactive learning presentations with the images, sounds, and movements of the dolphins at Holistic Fairs and Festivals. Their sonic frequencies teach us to open our hearts to the bliss of being in the present moment, to release and let go of what is no longer needed, to explore freedom of movement, and allow joy to uplift us.

Birth of Dolphin Bliss Elixir

When I returned home to Moscow Idaho, even the humming of the refrigerator or getting in he car and driving to the grocery store became too much stimulation. I needed help. The Dolphins began swimming into my room at night, and bathing me in their higher frequency. As an Herbalist they knew my repertoire and showed me and image of rosemary herb.

For the elixir I make the tincture with organic rosemary. The physicality of the actual plant material infused in a standard alcohol base assists us in remembering what truly matters in life as a human on the earth, giving and receiving love. We have our arms as extensions from our heart to be of service, to wrap our arms lovingly around ourselves and others, to join in pleasurable experiences of being lovingly touched. Rosemary helps to open our heart and mind to the unlimited potential that we have to manifest our Soul path when we let our heart lead. Rosemary helps us to balance our three tan tiens of the low belly, heard, and head. Also known as the three diamonds, when aligned we are open to the flow of Universal Wisdom within and around us.

They also guided me to blended two flower essences and two gem elixirs to round out the formula. Aloe flower essence enhances our inner spark of Divine light. I was amazed when one of my large aloe plants sent up a stem that produced a seemingly miraculous bloom one winter. Dill flower essence is added to the formula to guided us in aligning with our nurturing Soul tribe.

Gold Gem Elixir helps us align with our brilliance of being consciously connected in the present moment to healing earth energies. This allows us to open to our inherent birthright of abundance, success of our choice, and aliveness. The joy of grounded humanness. Herkimer Diamond Gem Elixir aligns our multidimensional selves. It opens our holographic sight and strengthens our light body.

I also Infuse the formula with Dolphin Light frequency. To do this I put myself in a psychic trance and align with my ecstasy when in the presence of the wild dolphins their ocean home. This dolphin light energy pulses through my body, out my hands, and into the bottles of Dolphin Bliss Elixir. Clients report that just holding the bottle they could feel the joy and lightness. The Dolphins told me to call it Dolphin Bliss Elixir, so that everyone could experience the bliss of being with them in person.

Thanks for reading this. Sending you light and love from the dolphins.

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