Harmonizing your Emotions with Color


Harmonizing your emotions with color and awareness is a way to raise your vibrational frequency. Instead of the old pattern of resisting emotions or unconsciously splattering them onto other people, take responsibility for using the messages from your emotions as information. When you do not have the time or desire anymore to deeply process your emotional baggage, simply harmonize them with this simple Taoist technique.

Clear negative energy and transform it into positive healthy energy. We are not trying to get rid of the emotion, just restoring flow to the associated body organ for rebalancing. You can place your hands over that part of the body to support your process.

Breath in this color To this organ To harmonize this emotion To allow this emotion to flow
Red Heart Anxiety Joy
Small Intestine Arrogance Compassion
White Lungs Grief Inspiration
Large Intestine Sorrow Accepting Change
Yellow Spleen/Pancreas Separateness Belonging
Stomach Worry Allowing
Blue Kidneys Fear Trust
Bladder Agitation Gentleness
Green Liver Anger Kindness
Gallbladder Resentment Forgiveness


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