Let Each Step Inform the Next


As we navigate the potential of these days through conscious living, we are often guided to move forward without knowing where we will land. Doubt can immobilize us when we cannot see the whole picture. It is easy then to step off the path of the new and ease back into the old comfortable ways that bring less than lasting fulfillment. This is a time when we are asked to move beyond believing into knowing that there is something bigger than our thoughts or emotions to Guide our life’s journey. Have fun exploring how you are moved to use this potent planetary time when the Galaxy is supporting our ascension into heart centered living, joy, and playful connections with our human tribe.

Below is an excerpt from my Hawaiian Journals during a trip to the Big Island in 2013. The theme is still relevant today.

After my morning dolphin swim, I felt inspired to travel to the lava petroglyphs I had read about. Between the Waikoloa shopping center parking lot and the Malama trail, I read several signs warning about the heat along the trail and the importance of wearing sturdy shoes. At first I was concerned and almost deterred since all I had was my Crocs flip-flops.

My next strategy was to gather more information by asking other people about the ease of the trail. The people I saw in the parking lot were going shopping and did not even know about the nearby natural wonder. How many times do we talk to other people about what is important to us and they look at us like we are from another planet? I re-centered, checked in with my Spirit Guides, and decided to go ahead anyways.

At first I was struck by the scorching heat waves rising off the black rocks. I wanted to walk quickly to get out of this inferno pressed between black lava rocks and the intense tropical island’s afternoon winds. Then I was stirred by the ancestral wisdom imprinted in the grooves of etched lava rock carvings and felt the heat slowing me down. My friend was taking photos which also supported the pace.

A message rose clear and distinct in the penetrating heat as if it was being baked and pressed into shapes of English language letters by the breath of Pele. Words spoken to me rhythmically through the form of an elder Hawaiian Kahuna wearing his white tapas robe and good luck Ti leaves headdress. Steadied by his walking stick, as if it alone was holding him there. As I sat resting in the field of Malama petroglyphs, he stood behind me pausing in the deafening heat to be sure that I heard the words clearly enough to take action on them. “Let each step inform the next,” he spoke softly. This became my mantra as I walked forward contemplatively upon the sacred ground.

Perhaps those same words were drummed deep into the volcanic rocks by the hooves of earlier horses and mules who toted humans and cargo along this portion of the thirty two miles of Kings Trail. History says that those who rode the trail often slept, since the ledges of rocks on either side of the grooved trail provided discipline for the horse’s feet moving them forward one step at a time. Humans trusting horses, horses trusting humans, for certain letting each step inform the next.

This section of the trail between the rising volcano to the east and the cool crisp ocean to the west was a gathering and resting spot for generations. Feeling like it was an honor for me to be there, I treated my time as if it were an extended prayer. With reverence I followed the pace of my breath and my body with a compassionate heart. Footsteps rhythmic and consistent like a mantra being sung to keep my mind focused on being open to the power of the present moment.

Upon my last step along the path, I turned and waved goodbye to the Spirit Elder who had joined me for that afternoon’s education. I was thankful in the beginning that I was still enough to listen and hear, thankful in the middle for the experience and the opportunity to be an environmental steward by picking up trash that had blown onto the trail area, and thankful at the end for being sensitive to the wind, and the water, and the sun, and the stones for teaching me and showing me the way.

When you let each step inform the next, synchronicities unfold in unison with your soul path. It is precisely the breathing in of the scents and sounds and sensations of the present moment that carry you forward with the impulse of all creation. May you find peace, poise, and power as you walk along your sacred path letting each step inform the next.

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