Channeled Messages of Light


These channeling messages through automatic writing are from Light Beings and Ascended Masters in 2009 but still relevant today.

A note about Channeling from Linda Grace: These Ascended Master “channelings” arrive as automatic writing in the middle of the night. I write down exactly what I hear even if I do not agree or if the words are unlike those I would usually use. I began receiving messages from Angels and Ascended Masters in 1987 when I was attending Psychic Training School in Portland Oregon. Below find messages that I have been receiving since I returned from a trip to the island of North Bimini.

August 26, 2009 Hutchinson Island Florida


You are one of us

You shine

You soar

You sing

Let us help you

Bring your fruit

Forth into the


The density of

Particles gathered

By intention

Cause the

Energy to

Solidify the


Ascended Masters Channeling September 2, 2009

Through Ell*O*Ra*Ha

Ell*O*Ra*Ha is the spiritual name that came to me with my personal signature hand movements that were activated during a workshop with Solara of the 11:11 after spending time at Mt. Shasta during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and alter at Star Gate gatherings. I am honoring that name here since it is that highest aspect of myself that sets aside my personality and ego so that these messages of Light can transmit through me for all of us at this time.

A message from Kumara:

The Legions of Light are here.

We talk to you about your planets change. Do not be fearful of the excitement of your planet as it prepares for change. Do not worry about your circumstances and what brings you to this moment.

Know that you as a Child of Light will be guided until the end to transcend with the Brethren of Light to create the New earth.

Learn what you can from this existence in time to prepare you for the next for what you learn is never lost.

Go for the old doctrines and bring their teachings forth.

You have yet to learn the crux of what you are here to experience during this time.

The challenge is ripe and an expectation for your soul. You have prepared for this millennium for eons. Be at peace dear child as you move forward with the Brethren of Light for you are not alone.

Brethren of Light, Sisters of Light be prepared and do not fear since the day of the Lord is upon you.

Treat others justly and you to will be saved.

Do not fear.

Your expectations will be realized.

Freedom will be easier to find as you put your trust in the Lord.

It was once said that the meek shall inherit the earth. Yes it is those who know how to contact and trust the Lord who will make it through this race in history to the next.


Note from Linda: At 4:44 I was awakened again and wrote:

I am speaking to you from the City of Light in Heaven. Blessing you

Partake in the fruits of your harvest and enjoy the spectacle of light that shows itself to you.

You know that it is safe to see us and experience the reality of transcendence.

The Keys of Enoch will no longer appear as a foreign language but as an understanding for your future.

The time is near but do not fear. You will be free. You will be set free to live and learn and grow as was programmed in your seed of consciousness since time began.

Follow us and you will find the City of Light speaks the truth of this time.

Note from Linda: The dolphins in Costa Rica first welcomed me to their City of Light in 2004.

Do not worry about the water creatures. They will know how to adapt.

Freedom is at hand

Do not rest ceaselessly.

Work is at hand to prepare for the New Earth of Light.

Transcendence of fear and true peace nestled in the heart of the Lord.

It is these earth changes that prepare the fertile ground for the next.

The involution of destruction creates the pathway for the earth’s evolution.

Now you get it. It is all good.

Note from Linda: At 5:00 there was a definite different than third dimensional audible high pitched tone that was not made from anything known and this came through:

We are angels with wings to fly around the Universe in the sky.

The longing for the truth will set you free.

Note from Linda: When I asked who was speaking to me, the Voice said Kumara. I had not heard that name before so looked online and found the following. I am eternally grateful to have this opportunity to share these messages with you for the betterment of all.

Who is Kumara? From a Wikipedia search Note from Linda: As well as Kumara being a city in New Zealand and a type of sweet potato…“According to certain esoteric, mystic and gnostic traditions, Sanat Kumara (eternal youth in Sanskrit) and 144,000 souls from planet Venus came to Earth in her darkest hour to hold the light of God. Notable beings in the 144,000 include Jesus, Gautama Buddha, and Maitreya Buddha. Sanat Kumara is the great guru, saviour of Earth… In the Alice Bailey and Theosophical literature he is called Sanat Kumara or Raudra Chakri – the Buddhist ruler of Shambhala.


Channeled Messages September 6, 2009

We are the ones of the Ancient Ways coming to support you at this time of transformation And change

We help you ride the Waves of freedom and currents of change

We help you be true To your Soul path

We help you reseed the past and walk into the Unknown

We are the Legions of Light here to assist you in these days of change.

Be Free Be Life Be Alive

Awaken to the joy Peace Freedom Light

That is set before you this day

Light everlasting Life Evermore

Now until the end of days

You are free to choose the path of Joy of Light of Love


Channeled Message September 9, 2009

Blessed are those who Honor the Kingdom of Love and light in their Hearts

Blessed are those who aspire to walk the Path of righteousness

Seed of Light Transmission.

Be of pure heart and You will manifest Divinity within and  Around you.

Partake of the natural Joys of being alive.

Your ability to breath.

To be able to feel the warm sun And cool breeze, to See the colors in the faces around you.

To smell the abundance of natures bounty to feel a warm hand reaching out for yours.

To listen to the heart of The Divine God

To taste the sweetness of harvest juicy fruits.


A visual message that came to me:

Branches of dendrites nerve endings with branches close to connecting, then a golden strand comes in from above and helps them connect like it is the glue. IS theis what science now calls telemeres?

Then I see strands of DNA with blue, yellow, and red colors lighting up.


Another Automatic Writing Channeling:

Be kind

Be Free

Be Now

Choose carefully that which is before you for that is what sets the path ahead. Clear the way as your greatness unfolds.  Listen to your Brethren and Sisters but allow yourself to be guided by your Heart.  Do not wait to live your command.

Be Free Be Alive Be a warrior of Life and Light Luminous Alive

Free to travel the night through fear and darkness through the dawn of destruction uplifted to Shambala and beyond to set the seeds for the New World at one at peace at home again in the garden of Eden.


At this point in the Automatic writing channeling the voice sounded like Martin Luther King Jr coming through in a commanding certain punctuated speech projecting out:



Valuing God above all,

Valuing self aspiring towards Freedom in All

Arms open wide to receive paradise on the other side

Set free from the burdens of persecution,

Set free to let freedom ring across the galaxies.

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