Relax and Renew with Reiki


Reiki is a time-tested way to obtain natural Stress Reduction. This potent Energy Medicine system was received through Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui in the early in 1900’s. Reiki spiritually guided life force energy has brought healing to millions of people over the years. Rei means Spiritual Wisdom that comes from the Higher Power greater than ourselves and connects us to Pure Divine Intelligence. Ki means the non-physical Life Energy that is in all living things (aka: Prana, Chi). Tapping into Reiki energy allows us to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Reiki is nondenominational and is practiced and taught by people of all faiths. As our Reiki skills develop we are able to receive Reiki for our own relaxation and enlightenment, as well as share it with our animal companions, family, community, and the world.

The System of Reiki has three levels. Reiki I is about self discovery and focuses on self-care and is usually taught in one day. As you open to receive Divine love and spiritual healing you find yourself experiencing less pain and deeper peace on all levels. In Reiki II you learn three mantras and symbols or keys that enhance focusing of Reiki energy for someone else, animals, and the earth. You also learn to share distant Reiki with loved ones and to bring a higher consciousness to global situations. Upon completion of Reiki I and II you earn a certificate as an Usui Reiki Practitioner. Reiki III is an advanced three day training to fine tune your skills after a year of sharing Reiki with other people. In this training you also acquire Reiki Master skills of providing attunements. You can develop a powerful and important Energy Medicine Practice through receiving and sharing Reiki. The world needs many high consciousness people now!

There are also Five Elements to the Reiki system with hands on healing being only one of them. They are:

1. Developing Spiritual and Mental focus. The 5 precepts help with this. Here is an adapted version that I share with the Reiki Kids class:

Just for today I will let go of anger,

Just for today I will let go of worry,

Just for today I will do my best,

Just for today I will be kind,

Just for today I will be thankful.

  1. Techniques and Meditations. This includes how to balance our head, heart, and earth energies.
  2. Hands on Healing, for self and others. This is a wonderful way to be in the flow and feel connected to the magic and mystery of living on planet Earth.
  3. Four Mantras and symbols. These tools are for grounding, protection, and enhanced clarity when receiving divine guidance, and can also assist with easing emotional and physical pain. Once attuned, even thinking of the symbol image or saying the mantra is a quick self care practice during times of stress, confusion, or overwhelm that can quickly restore balance.
  4. Attunements are received from a Reiki Master to enhance your ability to sense Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.

A Reiki session brings balance to the subtle energy field around you known as your Aura. It also restores flow to the life force energy along your spinal column and our Chakra energy centers. This creates the space for you to align with your Higher Self, and feel a calm body, clear mind, and open heart. Reiki is a form of preventative medicine and when we are relaxed, our bodies will heal and balance themselves. On a physical level Reiki has been known to lower blood pressure, relax muscles, and improve sleep. To experience Reiki, schedule a session at Sam’s Apothecary in Pullman by calling 208-502-0349, or visit, and click appointment.

Committing to a daily Reiki self-care practice deepens your ability to be in the receptive mode from Spirit, which allows life force energy to move through your whole Being. This sharpens your ability to manifest your desires and create the life your Soul was meant to live. Making time in your schedule to receive regular Reiki also allows you to expand beyond outdated patterns of thinking and other learned limitations. It allows you to be the best you can be. Reiki is a great tool for stress management, pain relief, and experiencing more heartfelt joy everyday.

Reiki is activated by an attunement from a Reiki Master which allows you access to the Reiki symbols and mantras. Learning Reiki is great for any health-care practitioner who wants to refine their natural emphatic and healing abilities. Many hospitals around the world are now incorporating Reiki Practitioners into their healthcare team for hospice care, birthing centers, with studies also showing the benefits of Reiki before and after surgery to calm patients.

To learn more about being attuned to Reiki I or becoming a Reiki Practitioner, contact Reiki Master Teacher Dr. Linda Kingsbury at 208-883-9933. Our next class is Saturday October 21 in Moscow. Visit to learn more easy ways about establishing your Divine Presence and accomplishing your Divine Purpose on Earth now.

Dr Linda has advanced training in Animal Reiki and Reiki drumming, as well as Karuna (compassionate mother) Reiki. If you are already a Reiki I and II Practitioner and would like to broaden your skills by learning to respectfully share Reiki with animals or learn Reiki drumming, please contact her at the above address. The Karuna Reiki classes are open to Reiki Masters with at least year practice sharing Reiki with clients and attuning students. Its all about being willing to receive! May the force be with you.


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