Nourishing Nettles to the Rescue



Wise women have been gathering Nettles for their wide range of healing properties for generations. In the picture above, I did not have gloves packed in the car, so innovated with plastic bags over my hands while gathering to avoid the stinging sensation that can happen if your hands come in contact with the little hollow thorny hairs filled with formic acid on the stem and underside of the leaves.


Stinging Nettles makes an excellent caffeine-free herbal tea to drink when your nervous system needs support.  Reach for Nettle tea especially during times of physical, mental, and emotional overwhelm. This traditional European adrenal tonic is rich in valuable minerals that are easy for our bodies to assimilate. To make a yummy tea, Place 1/2 cup of dried nettles in a quart jar. Fill to the top with boiling water. Cover the jar and let steep for at least 1/2 hour. Separate the herbs from the tea by pouring the mixture through a small mesh strainer. When you let the herbs soak overnight the tea turns a heart healing emerald green color. Preparing dried nettles in this way also makes a great hair strengthening rinse. Simply pour the warm nettle tea over the top of your head at the end of a shower. You can find bulk nettles at your local Coop or call me to buy some premium dried Nettles grown in Northwest USA.

Enhance your Nettle tea by adding Lavender flowers for focusing and mind calming benefits. A favorite blend that I make also contains Lemon balm for easing anxiety. This chlorophyll rich tea is called  Serenity and also has soothing Oatstraw. Two cups a day can improve your nervous system’s stress response in just a short time. It is safe for children and the elderly as well. If you have a questions about herbal compatibility with medications you are taking, please email me at or call/text: 208-883-9933 for clarification.


When your nerves are fried and your head is spinning from external events, find relief with a Spirit Herbs Elixir called Earth Quake Aide. I developed it after the 1994 Earthquake in the San Francisco, California Bay area. A psychic friend called and asked me to make a formula for the shock, fear, and instability that can arise when you feel thrown off center. This Nettle based formula helps you have the strength to pick up the pieces and move forward after devastating events. At that time I was guided to add the benefits of home made  gem elixirs and flower essences to potentize and expand the healing qualities of the tinctures. This formula has Gold Gem Elixir helps to stabilize your Aura and hold the vibration of Nettles in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Red Clover Flower essence in this blend assists you in feeling your own center rather than getting caught up in the hysteria of others. It can also support grounded communication. For its homeopathic benefits add 15 drops to your water bottle and drink throughout the day. This liquid concentrate can also be added to hot tea, juice, or shakes. In a pinch, you can take 5 drops directly in your mouth if you do not have another liquid nearby. 2 droppers can be added to your bathtub or foot bath as well.

red clover patch

If you have allergies or are bothered with sinus congestion you will also want to try Nettles as a natural antihistamine. I blend it with Chickweed which breaks up mucous and Alfalfa for its alkalizing properties in Allertea tincture.


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