Are you a Natural Empath?


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Many people are naturally emphatic, especially the new generation. They easily feel the emotions of other people. This is also known as Clair-sentience. We all react to this natural gift in different ways. Listed below are a few common ways that people respond to their natural talent. We are here to learn and grow and expand our gifts in ways that serve ourselves, others, and the evolution of the planet.

  1. Some people shut down their natural gifts due to trauma and other suppressing events in their lives. Especially if there is not any support around them or they are condemned by their families for their ability to feel the emotions of others. Empaths often turn to drugs, alcohol, overeating, overspending, excess sex, watching tv, gambling, or other numbing behaviors to cope with living in a world that invalidates feelings and natural knowing. There comes a time when they realize the life they have adjusted to is not the life their Soul  yearns for.

2. Some Empaths become hypervigiliant and dissociated, thus sending their awareness away from their own body into other people’s energy field. This is a form of self-protection, to assess in advance what other people are thinking or feeling, in a way to avoid pain. This behavioral can cause one to feel in control and that they are special with unique powers. But the ego can take over and untrained, this behavior can be a type of psychic intrusion which builds tension in your own and other people’s energy field.  This activity can also lead to getting stuck in picking up other people’s emotional and physical pain thus contributing to ill-health and lack of integrity. This can be an unconscious defensive behavior that can also make it difficult to receive from other people and life.


3. With the evolution of the planet and its people, many kids have been coming in for the last few years with their gifts intact, born into evolved families that support their natural talents. These people are creative and uplifting as they serve the planet and all creation. Being in community with like-minded people enhances your self care, healing abilities, and manifestations.

Empathy can be channeled upward to Clairvoyance, or psychic seeing by learning specific skills. I honed my own emphatic and psychic gifts by attending a branch of Berkeley Psychic Institute in the late 1980’s while living in Portland, Oregon. Since 1994, I have been teaching those skills in Moscow, Idaho through personalized Spiritual Development Coaching sessions, Aura and Chakra Awareness Classes and a formalized Clairvoyant Practitioner Program.

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In the Temple of Light Clairvoyant Practitioner program you learn to be a respectful Psychic, knowing when to set healthy boundaries and asking permission to “see”. You will also learn various methods for clearing your energy body everyday. This allows relaxation in the spirit of harmony and experiencing the highest form of Spiritual Oneness in the light. This program is excellent for getting in touch with your natural gifts and learning how to focus them for self-awareness and bringing healing states to other people and animals. Learn how to create sacred space, do aura and chakra balancing, do psychic readings, and anchor harmony in the world. You will find the structure to support your nature gifts to enhance you becoming a leader in your field. Develop your gifts and live to your full potential as a planetary citizen.

The 2016 classes begin September 10, 2016. Click here for more information.

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