Roses are Red and Rarely Blue


Rose are Red Violets are Blue, Have them in Tea, They’re Healthy for You

Most people grow roses and enjoy their scent and beauty. Many of the places that I lived as a child and in my adult life have had rose gardens. I remember them growing at my Gramma’s house in Newport Rhode Island. My Grandfather lovingly took care of them. Be around their variant colors and sweet fragrance surely has a relaxing quality to all who stop to smell the roses.

Did you know roses have medicinal qualities and have been added to cuisine around the world since the beginning of time? When you choose to include roses in your apothecary, be sure they are grown organically without chemicals.

Gathering Rose Petals

The perfect time to gather the petals is just after the flower has fully bloomed. The petals will simply melt into your hand. Check out my youtube video about gathering rose petals.

Drying Rose Petals


Drying roses is easy when you have round woven baskets and a wooden drying rack. Your home will smell Divine as they are drying which usually takes 3-5 days depending on how warm it is. I dry my herbs out of the sun with a simple air drying technique. Fluff the petals in the baskets to ensure even drying.

How to use Roses for Medicine

Body Care Recipes: Add a handful of rose petals into a quart jar and fill to the top with hot water. Let sit for about 20 minutes. Strain off the herbs then add the rose water to your bath, foot bath, or pour over your skin as a rinse after a shower before toweling off. This rose tea can also be used as a facial rinse and eye wash. Safe for people of all ages. Especially for someone who needs a dose of tender loving care.

Simple Rose Food Recipes

Delight your guests and bring a relaxing mood to any dinner party by including roses in the menu. Start by adding the sweet scent and fresh soft petals into a salad. Snip off the white base at the tip of each petal to avoid a bitter taste. Simple toss petals with baby lettuce for a soft sweet scented salad. A mild tangerine cilantro dressing keep it fresh and light.

For a surprising breakfast treat add 2 teaspoons of finely chopped dried rose petals to your favorite scone recipe. Replace eggs in your baking good recipes with coconut milk chia pudding. 1 egg = 1/4 c. chia coconut milk pudding. I use this to make vegan lavender brownies and scones to sell at the local Farmers Market. Make your own Chia pudding by adding 3/4 cup chia seeds to a quart jar. Fill almost all the way to the top with Organic Coconut Milk.


Add a unique flavor and special touch to vegan Chia coconut pudding by sprinkling a few chopped dried petals on top.I took a couple of whole petals, stacked them on top of each other, rolled the petals up and snipped them into small bits for decoration and flavor.

If you make your own Kombucha, add a  1-2 Tablespoons of dried Rose Petals during the flavoring stage. Let sit for 24 hours. Since the petals are edible, you can leave them in when you bottle or strain then before bottling. Yummy and good for digestion.

Finish off your meal with a cup of Rose Relaxing Tea. After drying the rose petals, I snip them into them into smaller bits. Then they are ready to blend with Linden Flowers that I wild-craft and Lemon Balm that I grow. If you are in the mood for a naturally sweet and pleasantly soothing tea, you can purchase a jar of Rose Relaxing Tea at my Etsy store. I usually drink a warm cup before bedtime, but have also enjoyed  a cup of cooled Sun Tea.

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