Dolphin Bliss in Hawaii



I recently returned from another fantastic trip to the Hawaiian Islands being in the bliss of tropical paradise. Moving freely in the silky waters with wild colorful tropical fish, sea turtles, and dolphins nearby is liberating. The eerie sound of whales communicating with each other is a special opportunity to encounter when they are in the Maui and Hawaii area for the winter. Each time I visit there is an accelerated process in my ability to bring higher frequencies of light and love into my daily life on the mainland. I am filled with more curiosity, joy, play, and awe for life as a spiritual being with our green planet.


After swimming with the rough toothed dolphins in Costa Rica in December 2004, I needed help integrating my accelerated consciousness and expansion with the day-to-day details of being in the 3D world. All of my senses were hyper sensitive. Even the sound of my refrigerator in another room seemed too loud. I was so easily over stimulated by life out of the ocean. I asked for support from the dolphins and they gave me this Dolphin Bliss Elixir formula in a dream one night.

If you’ve had the privilege of swimming with wild dolphins you know your life will never be the same again. Even just hearing their clicks and whistles creates extraordinary changes on all levels of our being. There are many reports worldwide of the health benefits from swimming in the ocean with wild dolphins nearby.

The exhilaration when they choose to join up by looking you in the eye,


or bringing their baby to meet you,


elicits an incredible sense of inter-species connection and life-long healing.


Physical benefits include improved stamina, dissolving of cysts and calcified areas of the body. Clarity of mind, renewed life purpose, and appreciation for the cycles of life are all reported. The great joy is shared with others through spontaneous childlike “dolphin giggles”. Visits from the dolphins during dream time awaken multidimensional realities.

When you need support understanding the downloads they are giving you, or would like to integrate the rocking and spinning sensations that linger, Spirit Herbs Dolphin Bliss Elixir can help. Dolphin Bliss Elixir is  a carrier of the dolphin bliss experience and activates your cells to align with their full potential. It is a way for the expanded consciousness, light, love, and joy of the dolphin community to be shared with you. The Dolphins gave it to me so that more people can carry this vibration to bring healing to themselves and the planet. It raises the frequency of all who experience it. It works on a cellular level to assist your DNA in anchoring higher energies in your physical body. It creates a shift in consciousness so that you can honor your power to choose what thought forms and emotional patterns rule your life. Using the Dolphin Bliss Elixir quickens your return to a grounded heart space and compassionate action during times of crisis or disharmony.

I blend the formula with love and light. On a psycho spiritual level the formula ingredients work as follows: The organic rosemary tincture works with the brain cells to improve the transmission of impulses between the neurotransmitters. It strengthens and stabilizes new pathways of awareness. Since it is a gift from the prehistoric rough toothed dolphins I believe that it also helps us to reconnect old brain pathways that may have been dormant but are now needed to maintain our ability to live on this planet with our multidimensional senses open. Living beyond old reptilian brain fear responses with a renewed limbic brain emotionally connected capacity. The gold gem elixirs helps to solidify this frequency in the cells and the aura. The Herkimer diamond gem elixir helps to integrate the many facets of living on the earth in human form. The Dill flower essence assists with cooperation within a group. It helps you honor your unique place in the group and accepting the gifts that you do have to offer.  It also helps you to receive assistance and support from others. This helps you to create your own unique ‘dolphin’ pod or community.

The Dolphin Bliss Elixir formula is a concentrate in an alcohol base and is intended to be diluted in water or juice. A little goes a long way. To use it homeopathically, add 4 drops to 4 oz. of water. The elixir water can be taken internally, placed in a spray bottle for an aura clearing or room mist, added to a jar or small bowl of water to bring harmony to locations within your home, office, car, or town. Adding the diluted drops to local bodies of water will transmute the water by raising the vibration to that of the healing thoughts and images of the dolphin experience.


Since the creation of Dolphin Bliss Elixir I have heard many positive stories and accounts from satisfied users of the Elixir. Psychics report being able to feel the joyful and positive energy emanating from it. I take it before and after my trips swimming with the dolphins and at other times when I need extra support with integration of higher frequency states of energy. The Elixir is also useful after Reiki attunements and during 21 day energy cleanses.

May you delight in the beauty, peace, and abundance that already is in your life now.

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