Herbal Medicine Products and Holistic Health Consultations for Body & Soul

Premium Herbal Medicine. Intuition Development. Spiritual Teachings. Energy Medicine Classes. Natural Medicine Ways. 

Our Experience

Idaho Herbs and Spirit Herbs brand herbal medicine products are formulated by Herbalist Dr. Linda Kingsbury. She has been making wild and organic premium high potency hand-crafted herbal treasures for the public in a health department inspected certified kitchen since 1985.  Holistic Health Consultations and Spiritual Healing sessions by appointment.

Call/text 208-883-9933 for a customized formula consultation.  

Go to our Etsy store for product listings including: flower tea infusions, herbal tincture concentrates for physical health issues like allergies and menopause, homeopathic flower and gem elixir blends for the aura and chakras.

Why Us?

Many customers believe it is the loving care that goes into each herbal medicine product that makes them unique. Our intentional themed gardens, watchful care and sharing Reiki during all growing cycles, and prayers of gratitude enhance the plants potency.  Holistic Health Consultations and Energy Medicine Trainings focusing on Aura and Chakra Balanicing.