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We make hand-crafted herbal treasures to support your elevation to the next step of living your best life now with joy, ease, and grace. Wild and Organic premium high potency medicinal flower infusions, herbal tincture concentrates for physical health issues like allergies and menopause, homeopathic flower and gem elixir blends for the aura and chakras. Idaho Herbs and Spirit Herbs brands are formulated by Herbalist Dr. Linda Kingsbury. All products are prepared in a Certified Kitchen inspected by the Health Department. She also blends a selection of essential oils including the popular Clear Mind. Check out her new Organic Juice Cleanse Companion Teas with Medicinal Infusion quality herbs and flowers that are primarily grown and gathered in northern Idaho USA. To learn more about some of the offerings including Recovery Teas please visit the blog pages.

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Temple of Light Academy

It’s that time of year where the plants are emerging and creating a garden where you can grown your own herbs for teas and home remedies may be a project you are interested in this year. Whether you are a container gardener or have lots of land to dedicate to growing your own medicines you’ll want to be on the list for our Herbal Wisdom series this summer beginning in June. Please email DrLinda@SpiritHerbs.com

Thursday mornings from 9:00-10:15am Linda teaches a Kundalini Yoga and Gong Bath at Kula Yoga Studio in Moscow, Idaho. Our next evening Kundalini Gong Bath event is on Saturday night August 24 from 7:00-8:30pm at Kula Yoga.

This year we will also be offering more Dolphin Light Adventures retreats on the Big island of Hawaii in November 2019 and March 2020 including Animal Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master Trainings, and Self Care immersions in nature. Explore all the fun Natural Medicine Ways classes here.

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Both long distance through a modern technology platform and in person sessions in Moscow Idaho are available to suit your individual needs. Whether you’d like support for physical health issues with herbs and foods or simply would like to receive a subtle energy healing session Click here to fill out a client intake/health history form.

Specializing in Women’s Wellness, her Natural Medicine Ways Sessions guide you in the next step of your journey to restore flow to your mind, body emotions and spirit. Activate your radiant self and attune to the power of your Soul’s place in the Universal Flow now. Dr Kingsbury has a big medicine bag bringing more than 35 years experience to support you in accessing your clear mind, open heart, calm body, and awakened Soul now to live with more ease and grace in alignment with your Divine flow. Click here for Testimonials.