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Idaho Herbs and Spirit Herbs brand products are formulated by Herbalist Dr. Linda Kingsbury. She has been making herbal remedies for the public since 1985.

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Don’t see what you are looking for? Call/text 208-883-9933 for a customized formula consultation or a complete product list of our Wild and Organic premium high potency hand-crafted herbal treasures including Medicinal flower tea infusions, herbal tincture concentrates for physical health issues like allergies and menopause, homeopathic flower and gem elixir blends for the aura and chakras. All products of our are prepared in a Certified Kitchen inspected by the Health Department.

To prepare for season changes, order your Elderberry Syrup or fresh Elderberry tincture today. There is also a potent batch of our popular Immunity Unity blend ready for you.

What’s Fun & New: Money Magnets, Blessing Herbs, and Kinnikinnick Ceremonial Blend.


Temple of Light Academy

Looking for a fun sober experience with your friends on a Saturday night? Kundalini Gong Bath on Saturday night November 2 from 7:00-8:30pm at Kula Yoga in downtown Moscow Idaho.

Attend our Reiki Self Care Class November 23 to learn a time tested hands on self healing method to calm your mind, nourish your nervous system, and relax your body in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Do you feel like a natural empath or psychic sponge? Are you energy sensitive? Do you want to clarify your own path? It is vital to gain experience from those who have gone before you on this journey of navigating between the worlds. Join our November 9&10 for an experiential learning opportunity with the Aura Awareness Class.

Are you curious about how to allow nature’s elements to bring balance and healing into your life? Interested in Journeying as a means for direct revelation and aligning with your Spirit Guides, Power Animals, and Ancestors? Check out our weekend Introduction to Shamanic Practices December 14 & 15. This class can be taken on its own or as part of our  Shamanic Practitioner Certification Training. Ready to make your own Medicine Hoop Drum? Our next class is November 12.

All of our classes are experiential learning in a small group apprenticeship style setting for maximum attention and integration. Explore all the fun Natural Medicine Ways classes here.

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Are you doing all the right things but still feeling stuck in emotional pattern, circular thinking or health issues that seem to be limiting your life?

Dr Kingsbury has a big medicine bag bringing more than 35 years experience including Trauma Informed, Recovery, and overcoming Auto immune issues experience. You can find relief in just one session accessing the root cause of chronic issues, integrate emotions, clear mental limitations, and restore connection to your Soul self. Specializing in Women’s Wellness, her Natural Medicine Ways Sessions guide you in the next step of your journey to restore flow to your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Both long distance through a modern technology platform and in person sessions in Moscow Idaho are available to suit your individual needs. Click here for Testimonials.

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